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All-Time Results

1975 Spring  
Event Place
Bowling Green Invitational 4th 
Notre Dame Invitational 2nd 
CMU Invitational  2nd 
Illinois Invitational 3rd 
Ohio State Invitational  8th 
1975 Fall  
Event Place
Illinois State Invitational  13th 
CMU Invitational  5th 
Bowling Green Invitational  9th 
Indiana Invitational  11th 
MSU Invitational  7th 
1976 Spring  
Event Place
Purdue Invitational 4th 
Kentucky Invitational  18th 
Marshall Invitational  4th 
Michigan State Invitational  9th
Ohio State Invitational  5th (of 8)
1976 Fall  
Event Place
Wisconsin Invitational  7th 
Illinois State Invitational  15th
CMU Invitational 5th
Purdue Invitational 8th (tied)
AIAW Midwest Tournament  9th
Indiana University Invitational  12th 
1977 Spring  
Event Place
Ohis State Invitational  6th 
Illinois Invitational  10th 
Marshall Invitational  9th 
MSU Invitational 5th 
Cincinnati Invitational  3rd 
1977 Fall  
Event Place
Illinois Quad 3rd
Wisconsin Invitational 10th 
Illinois State Invitational  5th 
CMU Invitational  3rd 
Purdue Invitational  9th 
Indiana Invitational  15th 
AIAW Midwest Regional  13th 
1978 Spring  
Event Place
Ohio State Invitational 13th 
Cincinnati Invitational  5th 
Bowling Green Invitational  3rd (tied)
Michigan State (dual meet) CMU-478, MSU-440
Bowling Green (dual meet) CMU-35, BGSU-350
1978 Fall   
Event Place
Wisconsin Invitational  6th 
Illinois State Invitational  10th 
Michigan State Invitational  7th 
Purdue Invitational  6th
Indiana University Invitational  11th
AIAW Midwest Championship 4th 
1979 Spring  
Event Place
Marshall Invitational 6th
Buckeye Invitational  16th
Kentucky Invitational  10th 
Bowling Green Invitational  4th 
Ferris State (dual meet) CMU-350, Ferris-422
Ferris State (dual meet) CMU-360, Ferris-392
1979 Fall   
Event Place
Wisconsin Invitational  7th
Illinois State Invitational  7th 
Indiana State Invitational  2nd 
CMU-MSU Invitational 9th 
Purdue Invitational 12th 
AIAW Midwest Regionals  8th
1980 Spring   
Event Place
Ohio State Invitational  13th 
Marshall Invitational  11th
CMU Invitational  1st 
Indiana State Invitational  2nd 
1980 Fall   
Event Place
Wisconsin Invitational  12th
Illinois State Invitational  9th 
Michigan Invitational  6th (tied)
CMU Invitational  3rd 
Michigan State Invitational  13th 
AIAW Midwest Championship 10th 
1981 Spring  
Event Place
Florida State Invitational  5th 
Marshall Invitational  7th
Michigan State Invitational  4th 
Cincinnati Invitational  3rd 
Bowling Green Invitational  4th 
Ohio State Invitational  12th 
1981 Fall  
Event Place
Lady Wolverine Invitational  4th (of 4)
Indiana Invitational 8th (of 9)
Northern Illinois Invitational  2nd (of 6)
Ball State Invitational  5th (of 9)
Purdue Invitational  11th (of 16)
AIAW Midwest Regional  9th (of 15) 
1982 Spring  
Event Place
Illinois State Invitational  10th (of 12)
Michigan State Invitational  7th (of 7)
Cincinnati Invitational 4th (of 5)
Bowling Green Invitational  6th (of 8) 

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