CMU-Oklahoma State Quotes

Sept. 4, 2015

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CMU-Oklahoma State Quotes

CMU Head Coach John Bonamego
Opening Statement
“ I just really want to say something about our crowd, especially our student section. I’m proud of all of you, I really appreciate you showing up. The student body was outstanding and I’ve been told in years past that they left at half time and that didn’t happen today and I want to thank each and every one of you. We came up short this week but with your support and your enthusiasm and your Chippewa spirit we’re going to be in great shape and we’re going to be a great football team down the road.”

“I am pleased with our effort, I’m pleased with how we played and with the physicality and emotion and energy and effort. I thought they hung in there with a very tough opponent for four quarters, slugged it out and proved that they belonged on the field.”

On getting the running game going
“We knew it wasn’t going to be easy but we knew it wasn’t going to be necessary. When you look at their losses from a year ago, it’s a team that can stretch the field and be a quick strike team and yet they do a very good job protecting the football. They didn’t lose a turnover battle in any of their losses last year but they did lose a third down battle and they did lose time of possession. We felt like it was important to establish the run against them, try to shorten the game a little bit. We weren’t as efficient as we felt like we could’ve been. I thought Cooper played a great game- kept us in the game. Bottom line is we just made too many mistakes against a quality opponent. We can’t turn the ball over and we can’t have penalties. We had two penalties in the first half where we traded touchdowns for field goals. Both times we got into the red zone, one time it was a procedure and one time it was a holding penalty but it got us off schedule and we ended up settling for field goals. We like our field goal kicker but we need to score touchdowns down there, especially against a team like this that’s such a high octane offense.”

On their fast-paced offense
“I think maybe we just got worn down at the end but I thought our guys made a tremendous effort. You have to give credit to them, they executed and made plays they needed to make down the stretch and we didn’t.”

“I think in the fourth quarter when we weren’t able to convert in the third down, we were going three and out in a couple series and our defense had to get right back out on the field. If anything that may have taken a toll on some of the guys. Again, you have to move the ball down the field and we didn’t do a good enough job. Either not efficient enough in the run or penalties, they took away some big plays and prevented us from sustaining drives.”

Importance of Cooper bouncing back
“If you’re around him (Cooper) long enough you know what his make up is. He had a bad play but he’s going to bounce back from that. He knows what he did but he’s our quarterback, he’s a great leader, a great player and again he showed that he belonged out there today.”

Use of Jesse Kroll
“That’s another game of inches, that’s a big play but if Jesse can get it out a little further down the field then Mark probably scores on that, you never know what’s going to happen.”

On personnel groups
“I think we mixed our personnel groupings up very well, we spread the ball around really well. Again you have to give the credit to them, that’s a very good defensive front.”

Who was the biggest surprise
“I don’t know if I had any surprises, I think we got what we kind of expected out of everybody. I was pleased with the fight they showed. That’s got to continue, that’s part of what we are as a team, a university, as a school. It’s pride, its toughness. I thought our defense at times looked really good. I don’t think there was ever any panic even when we got down into the fourth quarter. I think they felt like they had a chance to win it right up until the very end.”

How did it feel being down there for the first game
“It was emotional. I’m very proud to be here and I’m proud of these players, I love them, I love this institution. I’m just disappointed we didn’t come away with the win because we really felt like we could compete with them, we felt like we had a good plan. If Oklahoma State made a few mistakes, if we get one of those fumbles in the fourth quarter, who knows, anything could happen. I would’ve liked to be sitting here after a win that would’ve been pretty sweet and it would’ve made it a lot better. You picture yourself in that moment in time and what you’re going to say and it’s never exactly the same. I didn’t have a prepared speech or anything for them I just kind of told them what I thought and shared with them what I’ve done on numerous occasions on what my vision is and how we want to look. We talk a lot about image and identity and the difference between the two. Image is how you see yourself and identity is how you’re perceived by others and if you don’t create your identity then someone is going to create it for you. The latter is more important, what you put on film, what you put out there for people who come and support you. It’s important to us. We have eleven more games, eleven more opportunities so we have to start stacking some numbers on the left hand column.”

CMU Student Kavon Frazier
You had 13 tackles on the night, what did you see in the secondary and how do you evaluate your performance?
I didn’t really know that I had 13 tackles until you told me, but I was just trying to run around and make a play the whole game.  That’s mainly what it is.  I was just trying to make a play the whole game.

You had young corner backs out there, how would you say the new guys did in the secondary?
I think that they did great, it was a big game for their first game starting, they stepped up and made a couple of plays, they did exactly what I wanted them to do.

You were playing against an offense like that, spread, no huddle, playing on the defensive side of the ball, can that wear you down a little bit? Do you feel that way tonight? Defense in general.  Do you feel like that’s the case?
We were on the field for a long time because we had the on third and long a couple times that we should have been off the field so really it was just a couple plays from being a different ball game.  They are a spread, no huddle very quick team and there was a couple times that we couldn’t get lined up because they were already hiking the ball.  The times that we did get lined up we played a lot better.

CMU Student Cooper Rush
Cooper how would you asses the way you played tonight?
I think the receiver group did a great job against that speed of the big 12, they were getting open.  Which makes my job easy and I think they showed people what they could do and their explosiveness.  We just left a few plays out there.  A couple more and we would have had that one. 

Do you wish you would have had that first throw back?
Yea, a tough read and I didn’t throw that one.

Did you come into the game to rush as much as you did?
No it just happens, you’re just out there and the flow of the game, you see something and you take off.  Something you got to do sometimes and it worked for a little bit.

Is that something you expect to do more?
It’s something you don’t think about going into a game, it’s when the opportunity presents itself.  You’re just trying to make a play.  You’re in total game mode and you’re not really thinking it’s just all a feel thing and tonight just took off a few more times.

Oklahoma State Mike Gundy
Overall take on the game
“We put ourselves in a long yardage situation. We need to improve in that area. We weren’t very good in the kicking game. Defensively we were much better in the second half. First half we gave up some big plays. We held our own and really played well against their quarterback. We let him scramble a couple times for some big yards and then got hit on a double pass. They worked the in cut to the boundary a little bit on us. We finally adjusted but we were a little slow in adjustments there. Overall it was a good win for us. I thought that Mason played pretty well he missed a couple but for his fourth start overall I thought he played pretty well. I think we’ve improved ourselves in the running game we need to continue to work in that area. Their quarterback is a good player. I think you see why he’s going to be highly regarded in the future. He throws the ball really nice. I was impressed with the way he sees coverages and he can scramble. He’s hard to get your hands on. Overall it’s a good win for us. We need to be much better and improve in a lot of areas so certainly looking forward to this weeks practice and get ready to go back home and play a game. “

To hold these guys at home to one touchdown with the way they went up and down the field and scored points last year, pretty happy with that?
“I’m happy with the way our defense played. We gave up some big plays but you’re going to give up some yards to a quarterback like this. He’s a good player. In college, quarterbacks make a really big difference. I thought they had a good game plan offensively. Morris Watts? Is their coordinator he’s been coaching 150 years and I thought they were really sound and did a really good job and defensively they did a couple things we weren’t really prepared for. They had a little bit of an advantage there so I’m pleased to come up here and these games are not easy. You come up here and it’s raining outside and everyone says don’t pay attention to any of those things. You’re in a stadium that’s a little bit different for our players and if you don’t watch it you could get caught just about like we did. We got behind but our guys rallied in the second half. We got a long ways to go we have to get a lot better. I’m sure we found a few things out about first year players. Obviously the punter was a freshman.”

Didn’t you think the play when Rudolph tucks the football and scores was a massive play?
“Biggest play of the game in my opinion for us. I thought he moved around and made a few plays with his legs. He showed some signs of improving in that area and that’s such a threat for an offense when a quarterback can move around and to be honest with you both guys look the same running.”

“Turnovers are important and they did a good job of holding onto the ball also. There were a couple of times where we had it bobbling around and we couldn’t get it but we did take care of the football and early in the season, the two areas that scare you especially when you play on the road are turnovers and special teams. Bono (Bonamego) is a really good special teams coach and so they had us concerned on special teams. You always want to take care of the football “
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