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Student-Athletic Services offers a free, comprehensive tutorial program for CMU student-athletes in the Enberg Academic Center of the Indoor Athletic Complex. Student-Athletic Services employs undergraduate and graduate student tutors to provide assistance in a wide variety of academic subject areas.  All tutors receive training to enhance their instructional abilities, knowledge of NCAA, Athletics Department and Student-Athlete Services rules and regulations, and explore other aspects in order to offer excellent tutoring supports for our student-athletes.


One-On-One and Group Tutoring:

One-on-one tutoring occurs between one assigned tutor and a student-athlete.  When possible, group tutoring sessions are offered to multiple student-athletes taking the same course.

Student-athletes are responsible for requesting a tutor online via the GradesFirst website. On GradesFirst, individuals select the class needing a tutor and click on "Request Tutor Appointment." Student-athletes fill in the appropriate details on the request form. Once the Tutor Request form is submitted, student-athletes will receive an email regarding their assigned tutor. Student-athletes are responsible for checking their email to confirm that their tutor request or appointment has been verified.

Student-athletes are expected to be ON-TIME to their tutoring session. Student-athletes must provide at least four hours of notice when canceling a tutor appointment.  Tutors should be notified through GradesFirst.  Subsequent appointments may be pre-arranged or established on an as needed basis.

Additional On-Campus Tutoring

·       Academic Assistance - CMU tutoring and academic support information

·       Writing Center

·       Math Assistance Center

·       Student Disability Services

·       English Language Institute

For more information or to become a tutor, contact athtutor@cmich.edu or fill out the questionnaire here.

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