CMU Athletics Hall of Fame Official Nomination Form

Criteria for Membership:

ATHLETE: Becomes eligible ten years after graduation or leaving CMU; must have earned two letters in one sport, one letter in two or more sports, or brought recognition to CMU by his/her athletic endeavors. An outstanding career as an athlete must be continued by an exemplary career in his/her profession or occupation.

FACULTY/STAFF: Becomes eligible five years after leaving CMU; must have served CMU for a minimum of ten years; must have evidence of an outstanding career as a faculty-staff member, having had a direct and significant impact on athletics at CMU.

Submission of Supporting Material: You may need additional space for listing credentials, and supplementary pages may be attached. Transcripts, vitae, booklets, brochures, clippings, pictures, copies of speeches, etc. should be submitted to help show a true picture of the candidate and his/her qualifications. The accuracy of all materials must be verifiable. Any clippings and/or pictures included are returnable. You may nominate yourself.

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