Central C.A.R.E. Request Form
Central Michigan University Athletics staff and student-athletes are not permitted to participate in or provide memorabilia for fundraising activities or promotions that will directly or indirectly benefit any student(s) in grades 9-12. Also, CMU student-athletes are NOT permitted to participate in any activities that are co-sponsored by a commercial agency or promote a commercial organization.

According to NCAA Bylaw, Central Michigan University student-athletes can participate in charitable/non-profit activities only under the following conditions:

*the student-athlete does not miss class

*the student-athlete receives written approval (i.e. this questionnaire) from the Director of Athletics (or designee) before the event.

*all monies derived from the activity will go directly to the charitable/non-profit agency.

*the specific activity in which the student-athlete participates does not involve co-sponsorship, advertisement, or promotion or a commercial agency.

*the student-athlete may only accept legitimate and normal expenses such as meals and travel from the institution or charitable/non-profit agency.

*the student-athlete signs this release statement prior to this activity.

*the student-athlete's name, picture, or appearance is not utilized to promote the commercial ventures of the agency.

Required Fields in Bold

Name of Organization
Telephone Number
Fax Number
Contact Person/Title
Is your organization a privately owned entity (e.g., private business)
Is your organization a local or state government agency?
Is your organization a charitable, educational, or nonprofit agency?
Is your organization a department/organization within Central Michigan University (e.g., fraternity, sorority, student organization)?
If your organization is any other not listed previously, please describe.
Name of team/student-athlete(s) whose appearance is being requested (if applicable)
On what date(s) is/are the team/student athlete(s) appearance requested?
For what purpose is the team/student athlete's(s') appearance being requested?
What will be the location of the team/student-athlete's(s') appearance?
Is the team/student-athlete's(s') appearance associated with any type of fund-raising activity? If yes, please specify where or to whom will the proceeds go, and for what purpose.
Will there be any co-sponsorship of the activity for which the student-athlete's(s') appearance is being requested? If yes, please identify the co-sponsor.
Does this activity meet the requirements of the NCAA Bylaw listed at the top of this questionnaire?