Application for Tutor Employment
Please fill out the following questionnaire if you are interested in working as a tutor in the Enberg Academic Center.

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Overall GPA
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Types of Tutoring
One-on-One Tutoring (Tutor only when contacted. An individual appointment is made between you and the Student-Athlete.)
Walk-In Tutoring (Tutoring on designated nights. May tutor more than one student-athlete at a time.)
If interested in Walk-In Tutoring, please check which nights you are available (7-10 p.m.)
List course names (i.e. ENG 101) or subject area that you would be interested and are qualified to tutor. Being qualified to tutor a class means you have completed the class and have done well. However, special exemptions will be made for upperclass and graduate students who want to tutor a lower level course that is in their major or minor. Please ask if you have any questions.
Are you working for another department on campus (Yes/No)
If yes, what department
As part of our tutoring program, we will need a faculty recommendation in the course area you wish to tutor. Please provide faculty member's name, department, email address and phone number.