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Championship Fund gifts can be added to Chippewa Club membership donations to upgrade your club membership level. Chippewa Champions must be members of the Chippewa Club to receive benefits .

Donors will receive university receipts for their gift(s).
Pledges can be made for multiple years.

How You Can Help

• Make an online gift
• Send a check payable to CMU Softball to:

Chippewa Athletic Fund
Carlin Alumni House
Central Michigan University
Mount Pleasant, MI 48859

For More Information
Chippewa Athletic Fund
(989) 774-6680

Margo Jonker, head softball coach:
(989) 774-6688

E-mail us to request additional information about this Championship Fund.

From the Desk of Margo Jonker:

Softball Champions,

We would first like to say thank you for the support and dedication that you have shown our program. Your backing through the Chippewa Club and Championship Fund are vital to the success of our program.

We have identified a list of needs above and beyond our traditional operating expenditures that will assist us as we strive to continue being a championship level program in the Mid-American Conference and nationally.

With the combined dedication of our student-athletes, coaching staff, past letter winners and donors there is no doubt in my mind that we will continue to compete at a championship level. I hope that I can count on you to continue to elevate our program.

Margo Jonker
Head Softball Coach

Completed Championship Fund Initiatives

  • Graphic and structural enhancement to Margo Jonker Stadium
  • Furniture and locker room amenities

Current Championship Fund Initiatives

Technology Maintenance

Whether it is evaluating an upcoming opponent or a future Chippewa, there is no question that having the latest technology allows us to develop an advantage over our competition. When we are searching for talent or scouting an opponent, we do not want to allow ourselves to be constrained by technology limitations.

In addition to the obvious functional upgrade, new technology brings with it an aesthetic upgrade as well. When our recruits visit our facilities and see that we have the latest and greatest, it helps to inspire the "awe factor" within them. The best players want to be a part of a program that invests in its success and having the newest technology is a tangible way to do this.

Cost: $10,000

Professional Development

Professional development is important because it allows the coaches to further their knowledge of the game and train us to better enhance the performance of coaches and athletes alike. Whether it be from professional classes or meetings, these education enhancements will help us train our women to compete at a championship level. The opportunity to send our Assistant Coaches to other top programs nationally to see how they are run in practice & the office and also how they utilize technology to enhance their programs will also be beneficial. These development opportunities will all help us to remain on the cutting edge, continuing to focus and increase our knowledge and build a championship program.

Annual Cost: $3,000

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