HALL OF FAME ($25,000+)

John G. and Carole Kulhavi Ron and Jean Zyzelewski

CHAMPION ($10,000-$24,999)

Todd and Melissa Cleveland Fabiano Brothers, Inc. Rob and Susan Mason
Keno and Krista Davis James and Kelly Fabiano Michael Murray and Pamela Wasko Murray
Bruce and Kathy Deighton Tom and Nanette Grobbel Jon and Terri Voigtman
Dave and Sue Keilitz

VICTORY ($5,000-9,999)

Dr. and Mrs. Barry M. Alexia William and Carla Kanine Pohl Oil & Propane/Dan and Luke Pohl
John and Paulette Bonamego Kevin Love and Anita Anderson Alan Quick
Richard and Audrey Featheringham David and Kimberly McCausey Sue Guevara and Mary Stanbra
Alro Steel Corporation National Football Foundation

ALL-AMERICAN ($2,500-4,999)

Carl* and Alison Barberi Michael and Laura Harter John F. O'Connell
Jim and Owen Batcheller Dave and Elizabeth Heeke Robert Perlberg
1LT Mike Bevier Rich and Mary Hill Leonard* and Louise Plachta
Sue and John J. Bradac Shaun and Elizabeth Holtgreive Dustin* and Kelly Preston
Ron and Mary Browning Karen Hutslar Harry and Karen Richards
Capital Steel & Wire, Inc. Douglas and Pamela Janes Stan L. and Rene R. Shingles
Matt Coffey Roger L. and Phyllis J. Kesseler William and Janet Strickler
Commercial Bank Philip L. Kintzele Jesse and Krystal Swindlehurst
James and Diane Damitio Jim and Sherry Knight Sara Tisdale and Becca Cutler
Barry and Debra DeLau David and Debbie Kring Bob Tunnell
Manitowoc Ed and Kathy Langenburg Tony and Kim Voisin
Jason and Emily Dizik Lila Lazarus Jack and Sally Weisenburger
Rick and Paula Erskin Charles and Mary Sue Markey Marcy Weston
Grant Skomski and Mary Jane Flanagan Steve and Deborah Martineau John* and Mary Lu Yardley
Alice Goenner David and Laura McGuire Richard and Audrey Zavodsky
Mark and Connie Greenwald Michael and Laurie Morris Michael and Lori Zimmerman
Dale and Jan Hagland Paul B. Murray

TEAM ($1,500-2,499)

Tera Lynne Albrecht Craig and Marian Fuller Michael and Tara Nettie
Allied Hearing Howard and Joan Geerlings Katie Nucci
ARAMARK Corporation Matt Golden and Amy Drumm John and Joyce Nutzmann
Chris and Stacey Austin Donald Golm Sonny Oakley
Bob and Betsy Banta Brock and Holly Gutierrez Marcie Otteman and Larry Grawburg
Craig Barnhart Jack and Constance* Harkins Tim Otteman
Ryan and Susan Boge Jim and Linda Hecksel Pepsi-Cola - Mount Pleasant
Mark Bolle Vern and Rose Hoag Patricia Podoll
Tom and Lorri Borrelli Stephen Hoedt Steve and Keri Powers
Tim and Elizabeth Brockman Bob and Meg Jacobs George and Elizabeth Ross
Tim* and Elizabeth Brockman Bob and Cathie Janson Charles and Reushan Russian
Brian and Melanie Brunner John and Nancy Johnson Walt Schneider
Al and Pat Cambridge Andrew and Sarah Korytkowski Michael and Carrie Smith
Mike and Kelly Chamberlain Jon and Jessica Koster Richard Smith
Gary and Cathy Collins John and Petra Krull W. Sidney and Judith French Smith
David and Linda Coyne Stephen and Angela Kull Paul and Sandy Smuts
Mike and Barb Crapo Jeff and Beth Lundquist Terry and Marci Stacy
Herb and Marilyn Deromedi Rit and Katie MacDonald Fred and Kathy Stolaruk
Distributors Group - Carl and Karen Graef Robert and Donna Martin Mark and Cheryl Strandskov
Thomas Dobberstein Ken and Kathy McCarter Robb and Rae Marie Wardrop
Drs. Ireta and Merlin Ekstrom Peter and Dawn McGahey Tom and Sharon Weirich
Jim and Carol Erickson McGuirk Sand & Gravel Bob and Maurine Weisenburger
Mt. Pleasant Agency, Inc. Kurt and Julie Feight Rick and Julie McGuirk Curt and Pat White
Richard and Betty* Figg, Riverwood Golf Club Mercantile Bank - Mt. Pleasant Bryan Wieferich - Wieferich Financial
John and Jeanne Fisher Muskegon Development Company Mark and Terrie Zitzelsberger
Richard and Diane Fleming

EXECUTIVE ($1,000-1,499)

Boots Alexander Jim and Joan Hornak Rick and Sue Perry
Chuck* Alexander John and Danae Hunter Kenneth Peters
Craig and Trina Allen IMG College LLC Matt and Shannon Pettit
Bruce and Edie Allen Michael Johnson Becky and John Pifer
Thomas and Denise Anthony Tyrone and Ronda Jordon Plas and Sue Presnell
Joseph and Barbara Barberi Jan Joslin Mary Roy
Mike and Lisa Beasley Craig Keilitz Robert and Betty Jo Rulong
Julia Becker Adam and Allison Kieft Manuel Rupe
Kenneth and Stephanie Bovee Dean and Judy Kreiner Jeremy and Deb Rycus
Stu and Carol Brown Peter Ross and Diane Krider Michael and Kara Schuette
Douglas and Kathleen Brown LACKS Enterprises Inc. Chuck and Karilyn Selinger
Janice and Mick Brzezinski Kevin and Melissa Langlois T. R. and Kathy Shaw
Roger and Linda Coles Taylor and Megan Larson Jeremy and Laura Sheets
Fred and Joyce Cook Dennis and Vicki Lautzenheiser Charles and Doris Sherwood
Keith and Kimberly Cotter LV and Katie LaVallii Jeff and Alison Smith
Coy Construction, Inc. Jill LeBourdais Mark and Shelly Smith
Timothy and Melissa Crowley Barbara Lindley Fred and Barb Stabley, Jr.
John and Diane Cully Bob and Marie Lippert Jon Stuckey
Drew and Morgan Donaldson Keith and Christine MacDonald Richard Studley
Gerry and Ann Edgar Dr. Lauchlin W.S. MacGregor, ND Kim Summers
Ronald Ellison Andrew and Heidi Mahon Shawn and Menah Troy
Joseph Gerald Fabiano Michael L. and Nancy McCoy Clarence* and Mary Ann Tuma
Anthony and Debra Falsetta Mark and Amy McDonald Edwin VanderHeuvel
Thomas and Diane Falsetta Robert McIntosh Kent and April VanderLoon
Joe and Sandy Falsetta Michael and Bonnie Metro Thomas and Margaret VanHoose
Paul and Karen Fate James and Kallie Michels Michelle Veith
Paul and Jodi Fisher Francis and Mary Molson Dean and Deborah Wallin
Cristy Freese Robert and Marilyn Moore Cassie Weik
Janet Garver Jack and Cora Neyer Craig and Kristin Willey
Ron and Louann Goodin Mike and Mary O'Donnell Jim and Carol Wojcik
Terry Grimes and Dana Hayes-Grimes Dan and Lora Odykirk Jim and Jackie Wyatt
Steve Hagle Bill and Wanda Odykirk Straum Yorton
Don and Mary Harter Olivieri Management, Inc. Al and Jacqueline Zainea
The Hazekamp Family Thomas Olver Anthony and Michelle Zainea
Richard Hecksel Sammie Paine
Rich* and Donna Parr


Tom Albrecht George L. and Esther Hewitt Eddie Plaksa
Thomas and Sandra Allam James and Carolyn Hill Allan Robert Pohl
Roger and Mary Lee Andrzejewski Leslie Sue Holdorf Daniel Louis Pohl
Apex Soccer Performance Strategies LLC Kathryn L. Hollister Drs. S. Benjamin* and Rose M. Prasad
Jane Louise Arndt Pat and Mary Lou Holmes Frederick A. Puffenberger
David and Lois Arnold Cyndi Homeyer Dan and Susan Rademacher
Matt and Vicki Begres Herb and LouAnn Hornbacher Raymond James - Chris Willerer
Scott Bellinger Steve and Michelle Howard Mike and Judy Reed
Eric and Alicia Bellmore Terry and Sherri Hutchins Jerry D. and Nancy K. Reighard
Doug  and Michelle Bennett Bret and Carol Hyble Krista Rice
Elaine and Jeff Betts Buffalo Wild Wings Grill & Bar Richards & Ribitch Dentistry
Steve and Maggie Bigelow Matthew Jackson Gordon and Anne Richardson
Phyllis Boehm Stephen and Patricia Jaksa Patrick Richmond
Roger and Karen Brandi Ed and Edythe Johnson Brian and Courtney Roberts
Maureen Bringard Noel M. Johnson Scott and Denise Robertson
Richard and Colleen Burns Richard Jordan George and Fran Rouman
Joseph and Susan Butkovich Robert and Connie Kabbe Richard and Mary Ruddy
Thomas and Suzanne Cannon Matthew and Jill Kaczor Ronald Schiller
Colleen Canny Al and Linda Kaufmann J. William and Renay Schmidt
Tom and Kristen Carey Phil and Sue Kench James and Marcia Schulte
Bruce and Kathleen Carlson Tom and Maureen Kern Margaret Schulte
Judy Chandler T. Barton and Patricia Kjolhede Andy and Brenda Shafley
Clark Construction Company Susan Klumpp Logan Shanks
Gregory Colby Steve and Joni Korb John and Martha Shelton
Michael R. and Diana Conant Thomas Lapka Linda and Randy Shoaf
Grace and Terry Conard Steven Lattin-Johnson Ron Shoemaker
Tom Coughlin Bill and Lois Lemcke Andrew and Courtney Silverthorn
Mark and Denese Crouch Charles Lenk Fritz and Cathy Simons
Mike and Angela Dabbs Kevin Logan Wesley H. Skinner
Larry and Dawn Dennis Bud Longnecker John Skopick
Don and Lisa Sytsema Gus Macker Basketball - Scott McNeal Gay Keller
Rebecca Dodge Peter Maniez, Jr. Rick and Denise Smith
Dwire Jeff John and Terrie Mason Bill Sowle, Jr.
Kenneth and Anna Egger Charles and Barb McCollom Carl and Mary Ellen Spradlin
Wayne and Grace Eldred Gregory and Amy McGillvary Philip Squattrito
Tim and Suzanne Fagan Jerry and Lori McKay Cheryl Stacy
Dal Fear Richard and Nicole McKinney Mark and Sue Stansberry
Dylan Fitchett Bob and Dianne McNamara Shane and Danielle Starr
Foguth Financial Group, L.L.C. Gus Macker Basketball- Scott McNeal Benny, Vicki and Alissa Steele
Beth Ann Forry Gordon and Bonnie* Miesel STT, Inc.
Ben and Ann Franas Tom and Cindy* Miles Victoria Sullivan
Ronald and Nadine Gaffner Chuck and Margaret Miller Joseph Tait
Michael and Judy Gaken Ross and Erin Miller JoAnn Tetlock
Pamela Gates Gregory and Carolyn Mox Wes and Jackie Thompson
Michael and Katie Gawlik John and Arlone Muntin Jason and Teresa Umberger
General Agency Company Dixie L. Neier Robert L. and Patricia K. Urchike
Glen Glawe Jeannette Noch Stanley and Mary Valensky
George and Margaret Glinke Paul and Shirley Norton Deborah VanKuiken
Sean Goffnett Jim and Courtney Nowak Dan and Bonnie Vetter
Dale and Jo Ann Gust Dean and Lana Paesens Barry Waters
Barry P. Hamilton Jeffrey and Laura Page Paul and Carol Weber
Arnold and Merrie Hammel John and Angela Pakledinaz Don* and Evlon Wilson
Richard and Patricia Harris Dick and Pat Parfitt Wolverine Power Marketing Cooperative
Jim and Karen Hart Dave Patton Richard and Sandy Wood
Earl and Janet Hatinger James Pilkington Shawn Zimmer
Allen and Janet Hauer Chuck and Nancy Pisoni

COACH ($250-499)

Thomas Abdenour Ralph and Elena Guevara Scott and Carol Novak
Neil Aburn Kenneth and Carla Gutow Mr. and Mrs. Walter Olejniczak Jr.
Steven Adler Glen and Catherine Hackney Olrich Family
Dan and Cherry Alexander Gary and Patricia Harrington Jeffrey and Candace Opalewski
Dave and Mary Alsager Gene R. Harris Amy Page
Anthony Pordon and Heather Alsheskie-Pordon Rob and Jody Hassen Marilla I. Parfitt
Marbeth Anderson Russ Heiss Don and Barb Peddie
Richard and Joyce Anspach William and Terrie Heydon Kevin Pence
Renee Babcock and Janice Zygmontowicz* Dan and Holly Hoffman Greg and Janis Phillips
Alison Baker Don and Connie Holland Kay and Richard Pieratt
Andrew Basler and Michelle Black Patrick Horan Dennis and Carol Pokropowicz
Thomas Begeman Thomas and Amy Houghtaling Nancy Priestap
John and Cathy Belco Bobby and Sandra Howell Renae and Scott Pung
Blaine Bendele Isabella Community Credit Union Geoffrey and Mariana Quick
Jessica Bentley Cindy S. Jacobs Marjorie and Allan Quick
Alden and Yvonne Bernardi Brian Johnson Michael and Kelly Rader
Pam and Greg Bisbee Rob and Jude Johnson Jeffrey and Maria Reynolds
James T. and Cricket Bishop Ray and Janet Johnson Lee and Elaine Riley
John and Gayle Blackstock Brian Jones Ted and Marcia Roehrich
Ann Brockman Paul Jones Romanow Building Service
Bradley Brookens Nancy A. Joure Murphy, Therapy Dog
James and Bonnie Buck Jason and Ginger Kaufman Buck and Judy Saunders
David and Ann Bunting Dr. Thomas M. and Mrs. Jayne Keating Ron and Joyce Schafer
Allen and Mary Bush Keith Cozat Construction David and Teresa Schanski
Travis and Courtney Bussler Robert and Melissa Kench Kathleen S. Schollar
Scott and Barbara Buzard Lornie and Midge* Kerr Jon and Kim Schulz
Christopher Cantrell John* and Jackie Kingsnorth Jeffrey Seeley
Bill and Sandy Caul Michael and Randie Kohler Calvin and Christa Seelye, II
Tom and Vicki Celani Kenneth Kolbe Alain and Carol Shannon
Central Michigan Orthopaedic, PLLC Dennis and Marcia Koyl Charles William Sinkule III
Anonymous Roy and Sara Jo* Kramer Rick Skopick
Tom and Marlene Cole Don and Patricia Krueger Saralee and Tom Slusher
David and Mary Cole Dr. Vernon E. Kwiatkowski Jerri Ann Smith
Bill Costner Karen Langeland Dick and Nancy Smith
Amy Courter MacKenzie Lawler Mary and Norman Sorenson
Gaylord Courter* Robert and Diane Leatherman Charles and Cathy Stallman
Keith Cozat James Lebolt Roy and Laurene Stamman
Casey and Tara Cunningham Charles and Dorine Lilly Dennis and Doreen Starner
Mark and Pat Cwiek Ted and Joan Ludtke William Stephenson
Grant and Linda Daniels Jeffery Luzius Jerome and Margaret Steudeman
James Deady William J. Manning Robert and Nancy Stuart
Michael Dearborn Stewart and Amy Marcell Todd and Amy Sweeney
Bob and Fran DeBruin Bob and Kande Markey Richard and Susan Switzer
Michael and Kristen Decker Randy and Jane Martin Bruce and Karen Troutman
Geoff and Nicole Deines Tom and Nancy Masterson Jerry* and Lorraine Tubbs
Dan and Jennifer Digmann James and Nora McAllen Richard and Amy Uebbing
Claudia Douglass Larry and Joan McDonald Nicky Van
Dennis Durkee Wendy McGinnis Garry A. VanHoost
Jeffery Edwards John and Debra McGoff Suzanne and Charles Vannorsdall
Patricia Ehrnstrom Aaron McLatcher Eric Vendemia
Dr. Norman C. Eifler and Ada Jean Eifler Mike and Amy McPike Brian and Janell (Best) Vier
Deborah Eisenmann Gary J. Mellor Don and Ruth Volz
Timothy and Linda Emeigh Mercantile Bank of Michigan Tony* and Jerrie Waggoner
Dennis and Sharon Emery Methner Ted Betty Wagner
John and Pamela Epple Chuck and Sandra Miller G. Judd and Nancy* Wainwright
Dr. Adam Epstein Norbert and Susan Miller Jennie Walker
Brett Faustman Chuck* and Donna Mills Daniel and Teresa Walsh
Feeny Chrysler Jeep Dodge of Midland David Mocini Wardrop & Wardrop, P.C.
Jim and Maria Foerster Mary MojsieJenko Stephen Waynick
James Frendt Kyle and Angie Moss Gerald and Donna Wegner
Tom and Sarah Gammans Mary Mountain-Wood Kevin M. and Jane M. White
Bob and Elisabeth Garcia Drs. Tamara and Michael Moutsatson Brian and Sarah Whitman
George and Judy Garland Ron and Debbie Mumford Nick and Marnie Williams
Mark and Lee Anne Gasche Kelly Murphy Bryant Wilson
Frank S. Gawkowski Ann Neal J. Holton Wilson
Douglas and Shirley Gembis William and Paula Newkirk Jim and Shelly Wilson
Beverly Godley Gregory Nolin John and Mary Woods
Timothy J. Granger William Noud Jr. Morgan Yuncker
Bryan Griffin

VARSITY ($100-$249)

Gary and Karen Aalbregtse Edward Gurtis Donna Poynor
Thomas Adado Christine and Mark Halbert Benjamin Presnell
Adrian Family Dentistry PLLC Ralph Halvorson Tom and Mary Jo Price
Paul and Kathryn Alexander Gregory and Patricia Hamilton Scott and Collette Pries
All American Enterprises, Inc. Anne Marie Hansbury William and Christina Prout
Thomas and Phylis Allardyce Calvin and Ashley Hansen Tom and Royale Pugh
Alliance Data Steven Harrast Joe, Brenda, Chad and Dani Pung
Alpine Chocolat Haus Jerry and Joan Hartman John Quinn
Candace and Robert Anderson John Hartsig Pamela Randle
Morris Andrews Michael Hayes Jane Ransom
Bob and Deb Andrews Sandra Hayes Rod and Pat Rapp
Jeff and Laura Angera Daniel Heck Mark and Jean Rau
William Antico Betty Heinrich Bradley Raymond
James and Michelle Aranowski Myron and Mary Henry John Rease
Jeffrey Aranowski Judy (Heinig) Herriff John Regenfuss
Bill and Janet Archer John Hershey Joseph L. and Sandra A. Remenap
Harold Arft Sean Hickey and Rita Combest Mel and Marvel Remus
Dennis and Jeanine Armistead Dallas and Carolyn Hilliar George and Sandra Ricumstrict
Daniel Attenberger David Holsworth Allan and Martha Riggs
Bill and Shirley Bailey Tobin and Laura Hope Mose and Marilynn Rison
Dennis and Cheryl Bailey Vivian Idoni Dom and Maria Rivera
Dr. Robert Bailey Independent Bank of Bay City David and Carolyn Rohman
Amy Barden Donald and Beverly Johnson Kirk and Sue Root
Daniel and Chantel Barger Ron and Gloria Johnson Andrew Rosales
Chuck and Margaret Barker Jimmy and Nancy Jones Linda Rose
Ivor and Joan Bateman Joan (Wischmeyer) Jones Mike and Judy Ross
Christine Ann Beachler Robin Jones Gary and Cindy Rubingh
Kurt and Laura Beck Jacquie Joseph Matthew and Frances Rush
Virginia Beer Mary A. Kapp Hussein Sabbagh
Rebecca Behm Katie Kean Ron and Nellie Sabin
Rose Bella Matthew Kearney Annie Sanders
Benjamin Bennett Sheila Kelm Douglas Sanders
Tara Bergeron Tom and Jan Kennelly Mary Lou Sanderson
Steven Berkshire Kerkstra Precast Matt and Jamie Sawade
Allan* and Sally Berman Robert and Carol Kinder Harry Sayre
Christine Berthume Mychael King Bill and Laura Schaible
David and Sandra Beymer Jim Knapp Melissa Scheid
Jeffrey W. Blanchard John A. and Kathy Knickerbocker Anthony Scherber
Daniel and Rachel Blizzard Raymond and Deborah Knoblock Morrie Scherrens
Stephan Bograkos Robert Kocis Dick Schoonover
Carolyn Bouchard Elizabeth Kohn Rod and Cynthia Schumacher
Don and Kaye Bouck Maureen Kohn Karen Seghi
Joseph and Lynda Bozin Mike Komel Philip and Karen Sell
Sharon Braem Dr. Peter Koper Tom and Amy Sharrar
Robert and Janet Brietzke Eileen Marie Koppinger Glen Sheffer
Robert Barclay and Peggy Brisbane Kristen and Jason Suhr Scott Simnitch
John Britton Susan L. Kouchnerkavich Lorna Skocelas
Chuck and Anne Brower John and Idajean Krantz Jack* and Dorothy Skoog
Donald and Frances Bruns Arthur and Kim Kubert Susan and Steven Smeal
Joseph and Mary Bruzdzinski Emily Lackie Ann Smith
Bill and Cheryl Bupp Dennis and Connie LaFleur John L. Smith
James and Joyce Burchett James and Mary Langton Thomas H. and Sheryl Smith
Ryan Callahan Joel Lanphear Andy Sneddon
Leonard and Barbara Callard Ed Lariccia Charles Hulce and Marsha Snowden-Hulce
Kimberly Canum Ron Laude Jo Ann Snyder
Lauren Lou Carey Mary Laumer Richard Sowders
Bob and Bonny Carpenter Robert Lawson Sylvia Sowders
Solenia Carr Jerry* and Marilyn Laycock Tom Speakman
Lewis* and Ruth Carson Peter M. and Nancy Lefere John and Teri Spooner
Charles and Pamela Cary Pamela S. Leidlein Dennis and Pamela St. John
Heather Cato Jerry LeSage Lynn Stange
Pattie Lynn Chapman Linda LeSage Patricia Stanitzek
Alan C. Christensen David Lewis Julie and Michael Stinson
Anthony Coleman Vicky Cobb and Garnet Lewis Charles Stiver
Archie Collins Terry and Carol* Libkuman Richard Sule
Larry Collins Gary and Patti Lingaur Harvey Swanebeck
Kelly Colosky William Loboda Jeff and Melissa Sweet
Katie Cooley Brian and Sheryl Lundquist Gary and Pamela Szalka
Gail Cotter Richard and Pamela Markel Robert Tallian
David D. Coyne Natalie Marshall Michael Taylor
Irene Craig Robert and Patricia Marston Stuart and Charolette Taylor
Don Crawford Michael D. and Karen L. Martin Jean Terpening
James Cronin John and Rebecca Matthews Tashan Terry
Bob and Sharon Crooks Scott and Deborah McAlpin Charles R. and Pamela Tetlock
Roger and Jill Crouse Lisa McCaffrey Nathan Theunissen
Chad and Meredith Cutshall Amy McDonald Matthew Thomas
Janet D'Ambrosio Robert Mc Donald Stephen Thomas
Joe and Nicole Danna Sean and Vicki McDonald Christopher Thompson
James and Tanya Dargusch Thomas and Micki McDougall Deborah Thompson
David Daugherty Jay McDowell III Judy and Gary Thurston
Larry and Cynthia Davis Robert and Judith McDowell Houston and Gwendolyn Tipton
Janet Denton Debra and Tim McGilsky Timothy Titus
Robert and Caryn DeVries John McGinty Dave and Mitzi Tompkins
Niki Diehm Irene McGuire Michael Touquet
Michael and Jennifer Dietzel Ted and Kristin McIntyre Barry and Robin Trenchard
Kevin and Sandy Doan Don McNeal Paul Trewhella
Christopher Dobrowolski James McVeigh Sharon Trigilio
William Dover Carol Mensinger Mary Tripp
Lyle F. Bennett Family Brittini Merchant Terry and Cheryl Turner
Steve Duchane Tony Miele David Tuttle
Theodore Dusseau Gary Miller KennethUnterbrink
Todd Edwards Mary Milne Glenda Vandemark
Dr. Charles Eiszler James and Carrie Montgomery Doug and Tina VanderWall
Mark and Susan Ekkens David H. Myers Tom Iwanicki and Martha VanEenenaam-Iwanicki
Robert Balicki and Gail Elliott Helen Mines David VanHorn
Jeff and Cam Ellis Doug and Helen Nance Timothy Vella
James Ely Shawn and Michelle Neering Paul and Kathleen Verska
Keith and Mona Emerson Rick and Sandi Nelson Kevin Vogel
Carolyn Engle James Neubecker Paul and Monica Walderzak
Jim Epple Ross Noel Mary Walsh
Mary Ellen Esser Jason Novak Syd and Mary Walston
Carmen and Sue Fanzone RJ and Mary Ann Nye Kandace Ward
John Farrar Paul O'Connor Chris and Nancy Ware
George and Patricia Filley Tim and Elizabeth Odykirk Myra Warners
Ron and Elsie Finch David and Deborah Opalewski Richard and Margaret Waters
Joseph Fisher Anne Ordiway Bob and Bonnie Waters
Jill and John Foster LtCol Kenneth O'Reilly Morris and Marlene Watts
Joseph and Amanda Fox Luis Ortiz Jordan and Emily Webster
Nancy Franke Susan K. and John E. Osler Don and Lois Jean Weichert
Derek Frazier Eric and Sylvia Pape Daniel and Joanne Welihan
Wayne Robert Frieders Susan Parsons Phil Wendland
Emily and Paul Fullerton Barbara Patrick Andrew West
Roger and Pamela Fultz Lyndell Patrick Jennifer Wetteland
Mark and Jennifer Geiger Jim and Susan* Pavelka Robert and Rosita White
Carolyn Gerace David and Margaret Pearson Brian Wiese
Steven and Beth Germond Catherine Pelafas Scott Willette
Amie Lynn Gillespie Aimee Peless Jody Wilson
Renee Glans Gayla Perry Bryan Wisniewski
The Glowacki Family Matthew J. Perry Norman and Susan Woerle
Tyler Grayson Jan and Pat* Peters Karen and Andy Wolfe
Megan Gregory David and Verna Petrosky Clara Wright
Dan and Jessica Griesbaum Aaron Pfau Roger and Cheryl Yob
Bryan and Janet Gross Edward and Judy Pitrago Paul Zelenak
Alice Guevara Franklin and Candace Polzin Dare Zimmerman
Gino Guidugli and Michelle Sweeney