Chippewa Champions: Lacrosse

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Thank you for your interest in supporting Central Michigan lacrosse, specifically through the Chippewa Champions program. Your support will be directed right to the projects the staff has identified as those that will make a significant impact on the team's success. A list of these initiatives can be found below, along with benefits, incentives and special events just for members.

With your help, together we can be Chippewa Champions!



As of 5/7/2018

Connie Bloniarz
Ron and Mary Browning
Thomas and Suzanne Cannon
Maurice and Lisa Doyle
Erin and Marnee Farley
Paul and Jodi Fisher
The Hamilton Family
Jim and Karen Hart
Shaun and Elizabeth Holtgreive
Geoff and Chookie Karlen
Dave Katt
Dennis and Debbie Kimble
Charles and Karen Lawler
MacKenzie Lawler
Daniel and Heather Lemay
Steve and Deborah Martineau
Heidi Mitchell
Rob and Julie Murray
Jennifer and Dan Nelson
Jeff and Stephanie Potter
Frederick A. Puffenberger
Michael and Gayle Schoonover
Jay and Kim Schuchardt
Stan L. and Rene R. Shingles
Tim Spehar, Jr.
Sara Tisdale and Becca Cutler
Tony and Kim Voisin
Denise Webster
Marcy Weston
Bryan Wieferich - Wieferich Financial


Chippewa Champions is designed to provide benefits that bring our champions closer to the programs of their choice.

  • Exclusive logo apparel
  • Exclusive communication, including audio e-mail updates from head coach Sara Tisdale
  • At least two exclusive events
  • Web site recognition

We invite you to take a look at some of the initiatives the golf program has identified as worthy of its championship funds. In becoming a Chippewa Champion, you play a significant part in ensuring these projects are completed. [Championship Fund Initiatives]

Coming Soon


For more information please contact:

Celia Ash
Assistant Director/Chippewa Athletic Fund

CAF Lacrosse Contact
(989) 774-2842

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