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Thank you for your interest in supporting Central Michigan golf, specifically through the Chippewa Champions program. Your support will be directed right to the projects the staff has identified as those that will make a significant impact on the team's success. A list of these initiatives can be found below, along with benefits, incentives and special events just for members.

With your help, together we can be Chippewa Champions!




As of 5/7/2018 

Dennis and Kelly Colosky
Mike and Angela Dabbs
Jason and Emily Dizik
Mt. Pleasant Agency, Inc. Kurt and Julie Feight
Matt Golden and Amy Drumm
Distributors Group - Carl and Karen Graef
Dr. Deborah Gray
Jim and Sherry Knight
Michael and Laura Harter
Scott and Laurie Hines
Ron and Dona Laude
Kevin and Lisa Logan
Kevin and Anita Love
Andrew and Heidi Mahon
Steve and Deborah Martineau
Bill and Karen Mordica
Mike and Francy O'Donnell
Rocky and Traci Ricelli
George and Elizabeth Ross
Stephen and Jane Sawyer
Grant Skomski and Mary Jane Flanagan
Allied Hearing
Terry and Marci Stacy
Cheryl Stacy
Summit Petroleum Corporation
Sara Tisdale and Becca Cutler
Robb and Rae Marie Wardrop
Denise Webster
Marcy Weston
Bryan Wieferich - Wieferich Financial
Ellen Williams
Karen and Andy Wolfe


Chippewa Champions is designed to provide benefits that bring our champions closer to the programs of their choice.

  • Exclusive logo apparel
  • Exclusive communication, including audio e-mail updates from head coach Cheryl Stacy
  • At least two exclusive events
  • Web site recognition

We invite you to take a look at some of the initiatives the golf program has identified as worthy of its championship funds. In becoming a Chippewa Champion, you play a significant part in ensuring these projects are completed. [Championship Fund Initiatives]

Event information coming soon!

Our former Chippewa student-athletes are among the greatest resources for current athletes. You are a link to our tradition of greatness and your achievements beyond Mount Pleasant extend our reach by bringing notoriety and prestige to our programs. CMU Athletics has success today, in large part, because of our special alumni.

Chippewa Champions presents a unique opportunity for our programs and letterwinners to re-connect. It allows our former letterwinners to remain a part of the inner circle of CMU Athletics and to contribute financially to the success of current and future student-athletes. In becoming a Chippewa Champion, our former athletes ensure that their positive impact on the program didn't end after their final competitive performance.

For more information please contact:

Mike Dabbs
Associate AD for Tickets and Chippewa Athletic Fund

CAF Women's Golf Contact
(989) 774-2472

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