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Thank you for your interest in supporting Central Michigan baseball, specifically through the Chippewa Champions program. Your support will be directed right to the projects the staff has identified as those that will make a significant impact on the team's success. A list of these initiatives can be found below, along with benefits, incentives and special events just for members.

With your help, together we can be Chippewa Champions!




As of 5/7/2018

Tom Albrecht
Bob and Betsy Banta
Sue and John J. Bradac
Tom Bradley
David and Kerry Brettell
Tom and Heather Brown
Indra Brown
Patrick and Leanne Carey
Mike and Kelly Chamberlain
Jan and Gloria Cleveland
Todd and Missy Cleveland
Jeff and Cheryl Crum
Barry and Debra DeLau
Richard and Audrey Featheringham
Richard and Betty* Figg, Riverwood Golf Club
James and Jivka Fuller
Dan, Joni and Grace Gilles
Dave and Elizabeth Heeke
Mark and Marva Jackson
John and Anne Jakiemiec
Wally Jakiemiec
Adam Jaksa
Stephen and Patricia Jaksa
Bob and Cathie Janson
William and Carla Kanine
Craig Keilitz
Dave and Sue Keilitz
Von Kratt
Elizabeth Kohn
Ryan and Vicki Krueger
Rit and Katie MacDonald - Mid-Michigan Agency Inc.
Charles and Lois MacGregor
David and Laura McGuire
Pat and Alicia Patterson
The Family of Jordan Patty
Mark Powell and Rhonda Lockwood-Powell
Steve and Keri Powers
Eric and Laura Raehter
Walt Schneider
Philip Squattrito
Craig Stinson
Jason and Victoria Sullivan
Ron and Jean Zyzelewski


Chippewa Champions is designed to provide benefits that bring our champions closer to the programs of their choice.
  • Exclusive logo apparel
  • Exclusive communication, including audio e-mail updates from head coach Steve Jaksa
  • At least two exclusive events
  • Game program and web site recognition

We invite you to take a look at some of the initiatives the baseball program has identified as worthy of its championship funds. In becoming a Chippewa Champion, you play a significant part in ensuring these projects are completed. [Championship Fund initiatives]

Event information coming soon!

Our former Chippewa student-athletes are among the greatest resources for current athletes. You are a link to our tradition of greatness and your achievements beyond Mount Pleasant extend our reach by bringing notoriety and prestige to our programs. CMU Athletics has success today, in large part, because of our special alumni.

Chippewa Champions presents a unique opportunity for our programs and letterwinners to re-connect. It allows our former letterwinners to remain a part of the inner circle of CMU Athletics and to contribute financially to the success of current and future student-athletes. In becoming a Chippewa Champion, our former athletes ensure that their positive impact on the program didn't end after their final competitive performance.

For more information please contact:

Shane Starr
Assistant Director/Chippewa Athletic Fund

CAF Baseball Contact
(989) 774-2174


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