Current Student-Athlete Academic Eligibility

Throughout your enrollment at CMU, you will be required to meet certain minimum academic requirements in order to maintain your athletic eligibility. NCAA Division I student-athletes are required to exceed the academic requirements of the University’s general student body. By meeting these minimum requirements, you will be put in an excellent position to achieve the ultimate goal of graduation.

Full-Time Status: To be eligible for intercollegiate athletics competition and practice you must be enrolled in at least 12 semester hours. Any student-athlete who drops below 12 credits at any time during fall or spring semester will be immediately ineligible for practice and competition.

Grade Point Average (GPA): Student-athletes must maintain the following cumulative GPA at the end of each semester in order to be eligible for competition:

Entering and during 2nd year: 1.80

Entering and during 3rd year: 1.90

Entering and during 4th or subsequent years: 2.00

**Note: this requirement is for your cumulative GPA, not your semester GPA!

Credit Hour Requirement: In order to be eligible for competition, student-athletes must complete:

  • Twenty-four (24) semester hours before the student-athlete enters the second year of collegiate enrollment [only six (6) credit hours earned through summer classes may be used];
  • Eighteen (18) degree countable credit hours since the beginning of the previous fall term or since the beginning of the preceding regular two semesters (SUMMER CLASSES MAY NOT BE USED TO SATISFY THIS REQUIREMENT); and
  • Six semester hours (6) of degree countable credit hours the preceding regular academic term in which the student-athlete has been enrolled full time at any collegiate institution (SUMMER CLASSES MAY NOT BE USED TO SATISFY THIS REQUIREMENT).

Designation of Degree: Student-athletes are required to declare and “sign” a major and/or minor during their third semester in school. After signing their major/minor, student-athletes must request an audit at Undergraduate Academic Services (UAS). At the beginning of their junior year, student-athletes will be required to meet the percentage of degree requirements listed below in order to be eligible for competition.

Percentage of Degree Requirement (40/60/80): A certain percentage of the course requirements in that specific degree program must be completed according to the following schedule at the beginning of your third, fourth, and fifth years of enrollment:

Year of CollegePercentage of Degree5 yr. degree program
EnrollmentCompleted(150+ Credits)
3rd year40%33%
4th year60%50%
5th year80%67%
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