Thank you for your interest in supporting Central Michigan wrestling, specifically through the Chippewa Champions program. Your support will be directed right to the projects the wrestling staff has identified as those that will make a significant impact on the team's success. A list of these initiatives can be found below, along with benefits, incentives and special events just for members.

With your help, together we can be Chippewa Champions!


John and Cathy Belco
Tom and Lorri Borrelli
Ron and Mary Browning
Dr. Allen Bryan
Andy Brydon 
Mike Buell
Mike and Kelly Chamberlain
Ryan and Deb Clevenger
Mike Crawford
Jim and Carol Erickson
Rick and Paula Erskin
Richard and Audrey Featheringham
Ron and Nadine Gaffner
Michael and Judy Gaken
Galvin Family
Mike and Laura Harter
Bill and Carla Kanine
Philip L. Kintzele
John G. and Carole Kulhavi 
Ed and Kathy Langenburg
Jack and Kelli Leffler
Gerald and Susan Malzahn
Robert and Ashley Miller
John F. O'Connell
Marcie Otteman and Larry Grawburg
John and Becky Pifer
Paul and Barbara Richards
Dr. Joseph Rivard
Walt Schneider
Chick and Doris Sherwood
Kim Thomsen
Shawn and Menah Troy
Kent and April Vanderloon
Craig and Kristin Willey
Joe and Barbara Yacisen
Ron and Jean Zyzelewski


Chippewa Champions is designed to provide benefits that bring our champions closer to the programs of their choice.

  • Exclusive logo apparel
  • Exclusive communication, including audio e-mail updates from Coach Borrelli
  • At least two exclusive events and an invitation to the postseason awards banquet
  • Game program and web site recognition

We invite you to take a look at some of the initiatives the wrestling program has identified as worthy of its championship funds. In becoming a Chippewa Champion, you play a significant part in ensuring these projects are completed. [Championship Fund initiatives]

Chippewa Champions Event –
In developing a single united entity with Chippewa Champions, we wanted to have an event that recognizes ALL of our members no matter which sport they support. This event will likely occur in conjunction with Homecoming – a time of year when many people return to campus. Homecoming is bigger than just a football game and this event is bigger than any single program.

Wrestling Event A spirit of togetherness between our programs and their closest friends is what lies at the heart of Chippewa Champions. One in-season and one out-of-season event will be held to celebrate and recognize the Wrestling Chippewa Champions – the people who help make success possible. Information regarding time and place will be placed on this page, or you may contact the Chippewa Athletic Fund liaison listed below.

Event #1: Lower Club Lounge Access: Wrestling Champions will experience one of McGuirk Arena's top features-the Lower Club Lounge. Wrestling Champions will have access to this exclusive area before, during and after the Michigan (November 6), Bucknell (January 6) and Kent State (January 27) Duals. Complimentary snacks and beverages will be provided and the comfortable, intimate setting presents an ideal atmosphere to catch up with fellow Wrestling Champions and our coaching staffs. 

Event #2: Post-Season Banquet: Chippewa Champions will be invited to join us for this special post season event. Hosted in the Events Center Atrium, Chippewa Champions will be able to celebrate the season accomplishments with our coaches and student-athletes. Keep an eye out for more details as we get closer to the end of what will surely be another championship season for the Chippewas.

Our former Chippewa student-athletes are among the greatest resources for current athletes. You are a link to our tradition of greatness and your achievements beyond Mount Pleasant extend our reach by bringing notoriety and prestige to our programs. CMU Athletics has success today, in large part, because of our special alumni.

Chippewa Champions presents a unique opportunity for our programs and letterwinners to re-connect. It allows our former letterwinners to remain a part of the inner circle of CMU Athletics and to contribute financially to the success of current and future student-athletes. In becoming a Chippewa Champion, our former athletes ensure that their positive impact on the program didn't end after their final competitive performance.

For additional information, please contact:

Craig Willey
Associate AD/Chippewa Athletic Fund

Wrestling CAF Liaison
(989) 774-6192