What Others Are Saying About Eric Fisher

“This guy is something else. Some guys have heavy feet -- the ground pounders of the game. But Fisher, who completed the short shuttle in 4.44 seconds at the combine, has really light, quick feet -- probably the best feet of any offensive lineman in this class. Fisher is like a carbon copy of San Francisco 49ers tackle Joe Staley, only a little bit taller (Fisher is 6-7 1/4; Staley is 6-5). He has long arms (34.5 inches), which made his ability to throw the bar up 27 times all the more impressive. Fisher has put his time in, and he's worked hard. The former high school basketball player is an athlete.”

   Gil Brandt
   Senior Analyst, NFL.com

“He shows good footwork and the ability to hit moving targets when pulling, and appears to have the power to create movement at the point of attack…he has the skill set to thrive at left tackle in the NFL.”

   Todd McShay
   ESPN College Football and NFL Draft Analyst

“Huge rise this season. Has dispelled concerns about competition level as his physical profile and strengths as an athlete match his performance. Uses his length really well. Gets in a wide base, uses his arms to absorb pass-rushers and simply doesn't allow guys to get the edge on him. He often made it look easy in the MAC but also looked great when Central Michigan faced top competition.”

   Mel Kiper
   ESPN NFL Draft analyst

“…he just might be the best player in this draft. In studying tackles, I always want to see if they come close to resembling former Jaguars tackle Tony Boselli, the best I've seen with my own two eyes. Fisher does. He has great feet. He is fantastic in his pass sets and he uses his hands well.”

   Peter Prisco
   Senior NFL columnist, CBSsports.com

“Fisher has elite foot speed pulling and getting out in front on outside runs and can adjust to block a moving target with surprising ease. He has the talent to be the rare offensive lineman who can make a block 20+ yards down the field.”

   Russ Lande
   Director of Scouting for National Football Post

“He’s a very intense and competitive individual. He’s very intense in practice. If he doesn’t do well in a drill or a situation, he wants to do it again. He’ll ask to repeat things. He’s a mature player. He recognizes things on film, whether it’s a stunt, a blitz or a movement a defense uses, he’ll come in and ask for us to work on that.”

"He can be a nasty guy. He loves to play football now. He loves to play football and he wants to knock you out of the game. But at the same time, he’s very level-headed during games. He has a lot of confidence."
"A lot of people said, ‘Oh, he made money' (at the Senior Bowl). If that was for a cheeseburger and a Coke, he’d want to go ahead and dominate those guys. He’s just a competitive guy.”

   Mike Cummings
   CMU offensive coordinator/offensive line coach