Courtesy: Robert Barclay/CMU
In the 2012-13 academic year, nearly 150 student-athletes earned 3.5 cumulative GPAs. This included the 30 seniors pictured.
Academic Excellence Celebrated at 2012-13 Banquet

MOUNT PLEASANT, Mich. – Academic achievement took center stage last week as approximately one-fourth of Central Michigan's student-athletes joined their parents, coaches, athletics staff and university faculty members for the 21st Annual Academic Excellence Banquet.

Nearly 150 student-athletes, having earned at least a 3.5 cumulative GPA, were honored throughout the evening for their academic accomplishments. The list includes 49 freshmen, 27 sophomores, 36 juniors and 30 seniors.

The event was planned by Student-Athlete Services and co-sponsored by PNC and the Chippewa Athletic Fund.

"This is one of the most important events of the year, when we recognize the great academic and off the field accomplishments of our student-athletes," said Assistant Athletics Director for Student-Athlete Services Tera Albrecht. "We continue to be extremely successful academically, winning the Faculty Athletics Representative award for the second time in its four-year history, and again this past year having multiple Academic All-Americans. It is because of all the folks in this room that we are successful in many areas, but especially academically."

A complete list of those recognized can be found below.

The winners of several team and individual awards were also announced at the banquet. The men’s Outstanding Team GPA award went to cross country while the Outstanding Team GPA award among women’s sports went to soccer.

Seniors A.J. Westendorp (Football) and Kara Dornbos (Softball) were named the recipients of the Pat Podoll Award for Outstanding Academic Achievement. The award, named after long-time athletics department director of academics Pat Podoll, is an annual award recognizing the graduating senior male and female student-athletes with the highest cumulative GPA. Only those who have been a member of an athletic team and attended CMU for their entire collegiate career are eligible for the award.

The Dick Enberg Team Leadership Award was presented to the softball team based on its commitment to academics and community service.

Also announced were the finalists for the Bill Boyden Leadership Award and the Dick Enberg Scholar-Athlete of the Year.

Richie Hogan (Football), Simone Lazar (Field Hockey), Kelly Maxwell (Volleyball), Brittany Petzold (Gymnastics), Kylie Welch (Women’s Basketball), Tori Kinnard (Soccer), Scott Mattingly (Wrestling), Krista Parks (Track & Field/Cross Country), Tim Reynolds (Track & Field/Cross Country) and Raechel Zahrn (Softball) were all nominated for the Bill Boyden Award. The longest-running individual award in CMU Athletics will be presented at the conclusion of the spring sports season to the student-athlete who best exemplifies athletic success, leadership in campus activities, accomplishments in the arts, and community involvement.

The Dick Enberg Scholar-Athlete of the Year Award has become the most prestigious award given by CMU Athletics. This year's nominees are Jenna Coates (Volleyball), Nikki DiGuilio (Women’s Basketball), Simone Lazar (Field Hockey), Krista Parks (Track & Field/Cross Country), Cory DeLamielleure (Softball), Richie Hogan (Football), Estee Outcalt (Soccer) and Brittany Petzold (Gymnastics). To be nominated, a student-athlete must have a 3.2 GPA, have excelled in competition, and have demonstrated team leadership.

Dylan Banagis, Men’s T&F
Madison Bunnell, Soccer
Christen Chiesa, Soccer
Rachel Domagalski, Women’s T&F
Christina Gandy, Soccer
Kaysie Gregory, Field Hockey
Kianne Hinkle, Field Hockey
Megan Lamphere, Gymnastics
Taylor McKeon, Field Hockey
Anne Middledorp, Field Hockey
Kirsten Petzold, Gymnastics
Anthony Rice, Football
Josephine Seebeck, Soccer
John Simons, Men’s Basketball
Alexa Thibault, Women’s T&F
Taylor Waters, Softball
Kyleigh Young, Women’s T&F
Emily Basten, Soccer
Karlee Campbell-Teet, Gymnastics
Connor Collins, Football
Chris Fowler, Men’s Basketball
Megan Garner, Soccer
Tyler Hamilton, Men’s T&F
Corey Keener, Wrestling
Evelyn Lorimer, Softball
Kelly McNeely, Women’s CC
Kalle Mulford, Volleyball
Kristen Reenders, Volleyball
Cooper Rush, Football
Austin Severn, Wrestling
Austin Stewart, Men’s Basketball
Eliza Van De Kerkhove, Soccer
Shawn Welch, Men’s T&F
Michaela Bundy, Women’s CC
Jordan Charrette, Gymnastics
Ronald Coluzzi, Football
Kavon Frazier, Football
Dylan Goodwin, Baseball
Blake Hibbitts, Men’s Basketball
Alexis Lajeunesse, Gymnastics
Elaine Materise, Field Hockey
Kendra Meyers, Women’s T&F
Bailey Parmelee, Women’s CC
Logan Regnier, Baseball
Kelly Schubert, Women’s CC
Olivia Shagam, Field Hockey
DeJanae Terry, Women’s T&F
Casey Voisin, Men’s CC
Angelique White, Volleyball

Terry Conley, Football*
Bridget Doughty, Women’s T&F*
Emma Fishnick, Women’s T&F*
Ryan Heeke, Baseball*
Jesse Kroll, Football*
Katelyn Maylee, Women’s CC*
Taylor Noonan, Gymnastics*
Maureen Riley, Field Hockey*
Lauren Smith, Softball*
Emily Cooksey, Soccer*
Hallie Enderle, Volleyball*
Victoria Garcia, Gymnastics*
Neal Jacobs, Baseball*
Anderson Lee, Men’s T&F*
Kaitlyn McIntyre, Volleyball*
Jacquelynn Overbeek, Women’s T&F*
Monte Scott, Men’s CC*
Kerby Tamm, Women’s Basketball*
Trista Cox, Softball
Kylie Fagan, Gymnastics*
Laura Gosse, Soccer*
Marc Jaksa, Baseball*
Blake Louscher, Baseball*
Davis Nixon, Men’s T&F*
Sean Renzi, Baseball*
CarolAnn Sexauer, Softball*
Matt Trowbridge, Baseball*

Chi Alpha Sigma Class of 2012
Jordyn Brengosz, Field Hockey*
Nichole DiGuilio, Women’s Basketball**
Karly Hansen, Softball**
Alicia Hutchison, Field Hockey*
Kristen Kuhlman, Softball**
Simone Lazar, Field Hockey**
Alec Ornelas, Baseball
Brittany Petzold, Gymnastics**
Matthew Russo, Football
Kyle Smith, Men’s T&F**
Chelsea Sundberg, Softball**
Kylie Welch, Women’s Basketball**
Jennifer Coates, Volleyball**
Jennifer Gassman, Soccer**
Emily Heinz, Gymnastics**
Victoria Kinniard, Soccer**
Grace Labrecque, Soccer**
Breanne Lesnar, Women’s CC*
Estee Outcalt, Soccer**
Ellen Riley, Field Hockey**
Nicole Samuel, Soccer**
Zachary Spreitzer, Men’s CC*
Skylar Vannatta, Field Hockey**
Raechel Zahrn, Softball**
Sean Denny, Men’s T&F
Alexis Gersbach, Field Hockey**
Curtis Huge, Football*
Michael Kinville, Football**
Thomas Lally, Baseball*
Bailey McKeon, Field Hockey**
Tanner Pesonen, Men’s CC**
Kelsey Ritter, Women’s T&F**
Kaely Schlosser, Soccer**
Samantha Stein, Women’s T&F**
Kyla Walworth, Women’s T&F*

Samantha Brawley, Volleyball****
Brittany Burga, Field Hockey*
Kari Dieffenderfer, Gymnastics***
Erin Dye, Field Hockey***
Rachael Hensel, Softball****
Jordan McConnell, Football*
Ashley Mejilla, Soccer***
Kyle Randall, Men’s Basketball
Kathryn Slaughter, Soccer***
Bailey Brandon, Soccer***
Kayla Brindley, Women’s T&F***
Val DeWeerd, Volleyball**
Lindsey Dulude, Volleyball***
Autumn Hawkins, Soccer***
Emily Lafontaine, Gymnastics***
Meaghan McWhorter, Gymnastics**
Anastasia Netto, Field Hockey****
Zachary Saylor, Men’s Basketball
A.J. Westendorp, Football***
Samantha Brenz, Soccer***
Brogan Darwin, Softball****
Kara Dornbos, Softball***
Emily Girasole, Field Hockey***
Summer Knoop, Softball***
Jacquelyn McEnhill, Women’s CC***
Macy Merchant, Softball***
Madeline Ribant, Women’s CC****
Stefanie Turner, Soccer***

*previous academic excellence honor