Dick Enberg Award Winners

The CMU Athletics Department presents two prestigious awards each year that are named for esteemed sports broadcaster and CMU alumnus Dick Enberg: the Dick Enberg Team Leadership Award and the Dick Enberg Scholar-Athlete of the Year Award.

The Team Leadership Award is presented to a program that best meets five criteria: overall grade-point average, academic progress rate, community service, athletic performance and commitment to excellence.

The Scholar-Athlete of the Year Award is presented to a junior student-athlete who has a minimum 3.20 GPA, has performed with distinction in their sport and is considered a team leader.

Team Leadership Award: Soccer, Men’s Track and Field
Scholar-Athlete of the Year: Wynn Michalak, wrestling

Team Leadership Award: Volleyball
Scholar-Athlete of the Year: Tracy Kaatz, softball

Team Leadership Award: Soccer, Baseball
Scholar-Athlete of the Year: Greg Pilling, track and field

Team Leadership Award: Gymnastics, Football
Scholar-Athlete of the Year: Shay Mannino, soccer

Team Leadership Award: Soccer, Baseball
Scholar-Athlete of the Year: Kristin Teubner, Gymnastics

Team Leadership Award: Gymnastics
Scholar-Athlete of the Year: Bailey Brandon, Soccer

Team Leadership Award: Softball
Scholar-Athlete of the Year: Simone Lazar, Field Hockey