Courtesy: Jason Kaufman/CMU Athletics
Head coach Keno Davis and the rest of the men's basketball staff have the Chippewas excelling on the court and in the classroom at the end of their first semester.
Effort on the Court Translates into the Classroom

MOUNT PLEASANT - Central Michigan's men's basketball team is not only off to its best start on the court in seven years but is also off to its best start in the classroom in more than a decade.

Fans have quickly grown to appreciate a roster that gives its all every time it steps onto the court and that effort is also apparent in the classroom for a group that includes nine newcomers for first-year head coach Keno Davis.

According to official grades that were released today, half of the Chippewas 12 scholarship student-athletes earned a 3.5 or better GPA, and eight earned at least a 3.0. As a team the Chippewas recorded a 3.15 GPA for its first mark above a 3.0 since 2002.

On the court, the Chippewas have captured their fifth win quicker than any squad since 2004-05, seemingly finding a new way to gut out a close contest with each victory.

The roster is comprised of eight student-athletes in their first year of Division I basketball and nine newcomers overall.