Coach Sue Guevara
Opening Statement
I just can't even begin to tell you how proud I am of our team. With the defense they have displayed for the last three days. We talked about this, defense, free throws and keeping our composure was going to win this tournament and our team did it. It wasn't one player, it was our team that won this tournament for us. I am so, so happy for our seniors and for our underclassmen, just to know what it's like and to be successful. I just couldn't be prouder of this team.

Crystal Bradford
On losing a heartbreaker last year, to winning the championship this year
It was an enlightening experience. I felt that we didn't even want it to be that close. We were playing 40 minutes period, we wanted to play the whole time and it paid off at the end.

Crystal Bradford
On the last ten minutes of the game and closing it out
We know the game is about momentum and we just wanted to keep the energy towards us, we wanted to take the energy out of Akron and just keep playing hard. We had some big shots in the stretch by Jalisa Olive, Nikki DiGuilio and a few more of them, we are just happy to get this win.

Crystal Bradford
On if she had a chip on her shoulder coming in after coming in third for MAC player of the year.
Yeah, I did. I actually did. It added fuel to my fire, I like being the underdog, and it's just motivating. I just came in motivated and focused. Last year only losing by a second, I just wanted to make sure I was being a leader as well as being good and making my team good. We all did great and it's a great feeling

Jalisa Olive
On what she was thinking when she went down with a knee injury in the second half
I just had to get back and get my adrenaline pumping, I won't even feel it. I just had to get back out there for the team, and take one for the team

Jalisa Olive
On if she feels other teams don't respect her because of her size and how she overcomes it
Yeah, most people will be like, "Oh, she's little, what is she doing out there?" And then I just pick it up defensively, my offense comes from my defense.

Jessica Schroll
On her defense and the difference between this game and the first time you played them
Defense is all about energy. You want more energy than the person you're guarding, if you do that, you're probably going to do pretty well. Basically, that's what I try and do. With the team, we clicked. This tournament we started clicking really, really well, especially defensively. We've been clicking offensively, so it was really nice to see our team come together defensively and really step it up. I look forward to the NCAA tournament and seeing what we can do defensively there.