Marcy Weston Receives the 2008 Gold Whistle Award
Courtesy: Courtesy Photo
Weston officiated the 1982 and 1984 women's basketball national championship games.

MOUNT PLEASANT -- Central Michigan University Senior Associate Athletics Director Marcy Weston has been named the recipient of the National Association of Sport Officials’ prestigious Gold Whistle Award. The award will be given at this year’s NASO Summit in Cleveland, Ohio, July 27-29.

Weston has made a mark both on the court and off. She was a respected NCAA women’s basketball official from 1964-84, including working two women’s NCAA Division I championship games. She then served as the NCAA National Coordinator of Women’s Basketball Officiating, a position she held until 2005, and was the secretary-editor of the women’s rules committee from 1984-97.

“When I received the phone call from Barry Mano, the President of NASO, I was shocked, yet humbled at the same time,” Weston said. “I’m extremely proud to be honored with the Gold Whistle Award. As an official, I wanted to get better every time I took the court. I spent two-thirds of my life in officiating -- 20 years on the basketball court and 21 with the NCAA -- and I was always working to manage the game so student-athletes could compete on a level playing court. I was always passionate about the game and wanted to motivate others to feel the same.”

She is the first female to receive the award.

Her efforts provided increased opportunities and visibility for women’s basketball officials. She has always been an outspoken advocate for all officials at all levels, regardless of gender.

“I certainly hope I've had a positive impact on women who officiate, whether it's in basketball or any sport,” Weston said. “I've always focused on providing opportunities for women to succeed. When women see other women in positions of leadership, it creates the belief that they can achieve anything they desire. I had mentors and role models as I matured as a professional and I gladly accept the responsibility to do the same for women, and men, who aspire to be the best they can be.”

Weston sat on the NASO Board of Directors from 1999-03, serving as chair of the association in 2003. She also is the first individual to receive the Mel Narol Medallion in addition to the Gold Whistle.

In order to be eligible to receive the Gold Whistle, a candidate must have a minimum of 10 years of experience as an active official, but they do not have to be currently active. The Gold Whistle can be presented based on the candidate's significant contribution to the betterment of officiating. A candidate must be regarded as a person with high integrity and ethics and possessing the qualities held in high regard by the “community” of sports officials and have a consistent record of presenting officiating in a positive light to the sports world in general.

Weston coached both the CMU volleyball and women’s basketball teams before becoming an administrator in the athletics department.

She was inducted into the Women’s Basketball Hall of Fame in 2000 and was recognized by the NCAA as one of the nine major contributors to the first decade of NCAA women’s basketball in 1991.

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