Courtesy: Tim Fitzgerald/CMU Athletics
Spring Football Q&A with Head Coach Dan Enos
Head coach Dan Enos took some time following spring practice No. 2 on Thursday to respond to questions inspired by fan submissions on the Central Michigan football Facebook page.

Q: You have had a predominantly young team the last couple of years. Do you feel like you have reached the point where a balance has been struck and you have an equal mix of veteran and young players?
A: I think we are getting to the point where we won’t have many freshmen playing. Last year, we had a pretty decent amount and they provided leadership and were good young players. I think now we are at the point where we hopefully won’t have to rely on too many young guys to help us anymore.

Q: With so much talent at the quarterback position, how do you separate one player from another? What are some of the things you look for in drills and in practice that creates that separation?
A: We put them into game-like situations as many times as we can during practice and see how they respond. We look at who makes plays, who takes care of the ball, who runs plays effectively and consistently, and who makes the best decisions to give our team the best chance to win.

Q: Do you envision a scenario where you could potentially employ a platoon approach at quarterback, perhaps based on one player’s ability to offer a change of pace?
A: We hope we don’t have to but it could work out that way. But that is not something we are planning on at this time. We could always use two, in a situation like you mentioned, but we are trying to go with one guy.

Q: Who are some of the offensive lineman you are counting on in 2013 to replace long-time starters like Eric Fisher and Darren Keyton?
A: We have four starters back. I think people don’t realize that we will have four players back that started last season. Jake Olson has started a lot of games. Andy Phillips and Nick Beamish started games last season. Kevin Henry started in games for two years. So, we feel that we have four starters back and we just got to find a fifth guy and I think we have a lot of different guys to chose from in that area. We especially have a lot of young linemen and they’re developing. We feel really good about that position again this year.

Q: What skills does redshirt freshman defensive lineman Kelby Latta lend to the defense?
A: He’s 310 lbs. and he moves very, very well. He plays with great power and leverage, and I think he has got the chance to be a very good player in this league.

Q: What would you like to tell the CMU students about this team and the program in general?
A: We appreciate all the support we get from our student body. We have a team back that won four games in-a- row and won the third bowl game in the school’s history and they should be very excited about it. We have got good young men in this program and I think we are going to have a very good team, not just for this year but years to come.

Q: You wore a microphone throughout practice today, what was that like?
A: Being mic’d up today was fun. I’m myself, whether I’m mic’d up or not. I think it is good for fans so that they can get a feeling for how practices go, how fast they go, the tempo and interactions between the coaches and players, and how much work we have to get done in such a short time.