Postgame Quotes
Central Michigan 82, Eastern Michigan 67
January 30, 2014
Head Coach Sue Guevara
Opening Statement
"We appreciate the crowd. We’ve been about 1,200 at our home games and it makes a big difference. I know it’s Super Bowl Sunday but I say come for the pre-Super Bowl festivities. I thought it was a good win for us. We had two of our weapons that weren’t firing as they usually do but to have three players in double-doubles and then to come back from a shaky start. I wasn’t going to call a timeout. I was like you know what, you guys figure this out yourselves and we did. I thought Johnson coming in hitting some big threes for us helped. That game is over and we get to enjoy it until tomorrow and we’ll get ready for Ohio."

On Central Michigan's shaky start
"I was concerned that we were going to be too hyped and our excitement level was going to be up and it was. I think it led to a lot of missed shots early. Eastern Michigan was up and I talked to our players earlier today; I said ‘They can come out and get jacked up and really high, but it’s not going to last.’ I thought they came in and threw the first punch. I thought we put the pad up and took the punch and we came back at it. I was concerned that our hype would be too high and it was."  

On Eastern Michigan's 16-3 run to start the game
"We’ve already lost eight times. We’ve been down before and again that’s probably my fault because we didn’t press early. The last couple games, we’ve been going full, pressing right after made baskets. We did that at Western. I was very concerned about the speed and the quickness. I thought once Eastern got by us; they were going in for a layup. We went into a 3-2; which we haven’t played all year and I thought it was effective for us."
Senior Taylor Johnson
On her big night off the bench
"To be honest, I’ve been sick all day with the stomach flu. I literally came in and I would just try to get into offense. I wasn’t thinking that I had to start shooting but it was open. I just trying to go with the flow today and ease my way into the game."

On Eastern Michigan's 15-0 run followed by her team's 16-0 run
"The thing was we called a timeout; we had to get in and make a change. This team doesn’t die, we don’t give up, and we know when we’re down but we’re going to find way to get back. We’re going to find a way to get in the groove and find a way to win the game. We worked together and passed the ball, got the boards, started boxing out, and making good decisions with the ball." 

Junior Jas'Mine Bracey
On her big second half
"Just staying on the offensive boards, keeping the ball alive, and making sure our team is getting into motion. We did start out slow but we came around in the second half."

On Central Michigan's game plan
"The game plan was to out rebound them, rebound, limit out turnovers, and stop transitions."