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Postgame Quotes vs. Toledo

Coach Sue Guevara
Opening Statement
We knew this was going to be a game of runs. We've said all along, when you get to tournament time what it is going to come down to is your defense, making free throws and composure, and I thought that's what we did about the last two minutes of the game. Every time we play Toledo it's just a tough, tough battle, and that's exactly what we saw today. I'm very, very happy and proud of our team with the way we were able to finish this game. We get to return to the championship game tomorrow and all I know is we will be ready to play.

Taylor Johnson
On the championship-like atmosphere of today's game
The intensity factor was throughout the whole game. I knew it was going to be a close game, I said it before the game, I said it yesterday. Toledo is a very good team. They have the MAC Defensive Player of the Year, they have the Coach of the Year, they are very well coached and they have a bunch of great athletes. We have a bunch of great athletes and an amazing coach. Hand in hand it was a great game. Overall it was an intense game.

Taylor Johnson
On starting off the game with four three-pointers as a team
What really won us this game was our defense, defense and finishing the game this time. We've learned how to finish a game, so we are just going to keep doing that.

Crystal Bradford
On never giving up the lead down the stretch
We give credit to the seniors and the people that were out on the floor. They kept us composed, the crowd would get loud and we just kept telling each other, "calm down, stay composed, stay poised," that's what we just kept telling each other.

Coach Sue Guevara
On having a tough non-conference schedule helping prepare for this type of game
I think the competition and the atmosphere that we've played in, and the types of games that we played certainly benefited us.