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Postgame Quotes vs. Bowling Green

Sue Guevara
Opening Statement
"We just took them out of their game and that was our game plan.  I think you know Bowling Green's bread and butter is its on ball screen on the wings up top.  That's enough to drive you out of your mind.  I thought the first time we played them we played very little zone.  We played man to man.  You need to play smart on how you're defending the on ball screen.  What we wanted to do is try to take the bread and butter away from them- make them score a different way.  I have to give all the credit in the world to our defense.  Our defense was tremendous today to cause a Bowling Green team into 34 turnovers, and hopefully we get 34 turnovers tomorrow."

Brandie Baker
On her offensive performance
"Offensively I just try to look for my teammates, but if a shot is open I am going to take it.  I am working more on my confidence and I did have a lot of confidence today.  Seeing that first shot go in really gives you a lot more confidence to take good shots when open, play aggressive, but still look for my teammates.  I know the more I attack, the more of my teammates will be open."   

Crystal Bradford
On the defensive adjustments today from playing BGSU the last game
"We just made sure our defense stayed intense and active.  With our traps, sometimes it doesn't work so we had to make sure to run out of the traps.  We did that and didn't allow many three point shots because that is how we lost the last time."

Coach Sue Guevara 
On how CMU changed their mindset towards the time playing at BGSU earlier in the season

"When we played at Bowling Green the score was 34-30 at halftime.  They then proceeded to put up 50 points on us in the second half.  We just could not buy a basket.  We were really frustrated.  Give Bowling Green credit.  When they get going, they get going.  Today, if you go into the game with a different game plan than the first time it's a different result.  I'm not the brightest person in the world, but I do know to take away their bread and butter.  We had to zone them and pick and choose when to trap.  Even the couple possessions where we did go man to man we were jam switching.  We knew who we were going to trap, but to just keep BGSU guessing on what they were going to do.  Offensively, I just thought the first time we played them, we played a lot of one on one.  My tape doesn't lie, so when we were watching the tape and pointing it out, I gave our team credit.  They were listening, figured it out and I knew when we were practicing I knew we were ready because they were locked in as to what the game plan was going to be.  I was very happy to see us execute it."