Rainbow Classic Notebook: Sunday
Courtesy: Don Helinski/CMU Athletics
Freshman Jevon Harden and assistant coach Darren Kohne look at the World War II Flyers Memorial.


Tip-Off Marathon:  CMU’s game against Hawaii is part of ESPN’s College Hoops Tip-Off Marathon that features 24 straight hours of live college basketball games on the ESPN Family of Networks.  The marathon runs all day Tuesday, Nov. 16.  Central’s game is actually being played on Monday night local time at 11 p.m., but that’s 4 a.m. on the East Coast.  CMU’s contest is the third game of the 21 that are featured in the marathon coverage.  This is the second straight year that ESPN has provided 24 consecutive hours of live games and the third straight year it has hosted a College Hoops Tip-Off Marathon.

TV Crew Visits Practice:  The Chippewas had an afternoon scout session to prepare for Hawaii, followed by a two-hour practice in the Stan Sheriff Center.  The broadcast crew that will call the game, Todd Harris and Mark Adams, were observers at the practice.

Speaking of Broadcasters:
  Senior Amir Rashid had a special request at the practice for Don Helinski, who is providing the audio play-by-play for the webcast and the content for these notebooks on cmuchippewas.com.  “Can you keep it down when we are shooting free throws.  Everyone can hear you,” he said.  Then in a dramatic, yet mimicking tone he added: “Jalin Thomas eyes the free throw.”  At the end of Saturday night’s exciting overtime game, there were only about 55 fans in the arena for the second half and both schools’ broadcasters could be easily heard from the benches during the quiet points of the game, despite being on the opposite side of the court.

History Lesson:  With no game on Sunday the Chippewas used their time off to tour Hickam Air Force Base.  The base is next to Pearl Harbor and was one of the main targets of the Japanese attacks in 1941.  CMU offers courses on the base as part of its Off Campus Programs and CMU staff members Dave Nicholson and Mike Nunnally led the CMU travel party around the base and treated everyone to lunch.  Around 75 people were expected for a CMU Alumni gathering on the base later that afternoon.

Nice Defense, ‘Dre:  Cockroaches are common pests in tropical locations such as Hawaii.  During CMU’s practice on Sunday, one came out onto the court while the team was shooting free throws.  Most of the team was spooked by the insect, but not Brazilian Andre Coimbra.  He chased the critter down, picked it up, and then taunted some of the weary teammates before removing it from the arena.  That caused one of the assistant coaches to joke: “Andre, that’s the best defense we’ve seen you play all week.”

Say Cheese: 
Team funny man William McClure offered to take over photographer duties for Helinski during the tail end of the Hickam AFB tour.  His captivating images from the event included the parking lot curb, one of the bus tires and a close up of the sun.  He did manage to get a nice portrait of Coach Zeigler and his wife, Seantelle, sitting in the front seat of the bus, though.  

Weather Report:  Once again the Chippewas enjoyed 84 degree temps and a relaxing ocean breeze.

Can’t Fool Me Twice:  The Chippewa administrative support staff had to make another Gatorade stop at the Safeway grocery store on the way back from practice.  However, this time they were not fooled by the electronic barriers for the the shopping carts.