Courtesy: Tim Fitzgerald/CMU Athletics
2012 Gameday Central: Tailgating

Tailgate Village:
New for 2012! Tailgate Village is perfect for groups of 20 or more people. It's your one-stop shop for all things tailgating. You make the phone call and we do the work – easy as 1-2-3!

1) Pick your game
2) Place your food/beverage order
3) Show up and enjoy your event!

  • Located just east of Kelly/Shorts Stadium, on the football practice field
  • Packages include: access to VIP Tailgate Village area, exclusive Tailgate Tent for your group, game ticket, parking, food, lemonade/tea (alcohol available upon request)
  • Starting at $36 per person (minimum 20 people)

To order, simply call (989) 774-PLAN.


2012 Tailgating Policy:
The Student Government Association took a leadership role in working with the University to define better strategies for tailgating and create a game-day atmosphere that every fan - students, alumnae, parents, community members, university members and guests - can be proud of.
Representatives from CMU 's Athletics Department, Office of Public Safety and Office of Student Life met with representatives from the Student Government Association to update CMU's tailgate atmosphere in a way that fosters a safe and enjoyable game day experience.

As a result, three major changes have been implemented:

  1. Anyone - student or non-student - may tailgate in any General Parking lot. No single lot is designated as a student tailgating lot.
  2. Tailgating has been expanded from three to four hours prior to kickoff.
  3. The same policies are applicable to all individuals participating in tailgating.

Cost: CMU students can pre-purchase a General Parking Pass for $5 at Ticket Central (located in the CMU Events Center atrium) or on game day at the lot for $10.

The Student Government Association will establish a committee of student representatives and leaders who will meet on an ongoing basis during the Fall to evaluate tailgating and to recommend strategies to improve safety and management.


1. Alcoholic beverages are permitted ONLY at football game tailgates. Alcoholic beverages are prohibited at all other tailgates, including those held at other CMU sporting events, without prior written Athletic Department approval.

2. Michigan laws pertaining to the possession, consumption and distribution of alcohol and controlled substances will be in effect.

3. Tailgating is permitted no earlier than four hours prior to the start of the game.

4. Tailgating is not permitted once the game starts.

5. Tailgating areas may not include containers designed for mass distribution of alcoholic beverages, such as kegs or similar containers. The CMU Police reserves the right to determine when excessive amounts of alcohol are present.

6. Drinking games or activities that encourage excessive alcohol consumption are prohibited.

7. Glass containers are not permitted in tailgating areas.

8. Large trucks (e.g., U-Haul-type, over 2-1/2 tons, etc.) and buses are not permitted in the tailgating area without prior written Athletic Department approval.

9. All service vehicles are required to have the appropriate parking/service pass. Large or extended recreational vehicles ("RVs") may be required to purchase multiple passes. Vehicles with trailers must have prior written approval from the Athletic Department.

10. Large grills pulled on their own wheels by vehicles are not permitted in the tailgating area without prior written Athletic Department approval. Open fires are not permitted.

11. The CMU Police Department determines the tailgating area. All tailgating is restricted to designated areas south of Broomfield Road. Alcohol is not permitted outside these designated areas.

12. People participating in tailgate activities are expected to clean up their trash. Dumpsters and trash receptacles are provided throughout the tailgating area.

13. All stand-alone tents must be placed directly behind vehicles and cannot impede the flow of pedestrian or motor vehicle traffic.

14. Behavior that may increase the likelihood of injury or cause concern for the safety of others that may be disruptive is prohibited.

15. No animals, with the exception of service animals, are permitted.

16. No alcohol consumption is permitted while waiting in line for entry into designated parking areas.

17. The use of external sound systems is permitted, but is subject to the control of CMU Police.

Any violation of the tailgating policy may result in immediate termination of tailgating privileges and/or disciplinary action through the CMU Office of Student Life if the violator is a CMU student. Other individuals observed by CMU Police acting in violation of this Policy will be notified that they are in violation and may be asked to leave the premises. Failure to leave upon such a request may result in the individual's arrest by CMU Police for trespass.

Any violation of city ordinances or state laws may result in criminal prosecution.