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Championship Fund gifts can be added to Chippewa Club membership donations to upgrade your club membership level. Chippewa Champions must be members of the Chippewa Club to receive benefits.

Donors will receive university receipts for their gift(s).
Pledges can be made for multiple years.

How You Can Help

Chippewa Athletic Fund
Carlin Alumni House
Central Michigan University
Mount Pleasant, MI 48859

For More Information

Craig Willey, CAF baseball contact:
(989) 774-6192
Steve Jaksa, head baseball coach:
(989) 774-4392

E-mail us to request additional information about this Championship Fund.


Baseball Championship Fund

During the 2010 campaign, our program captured its 12th conference title in school history. We are very proud of our accomplishments and we recognize that in many ways it is a partnership among are many supporters. The financial commitments of our former letter winners, parents, fans and friends to our Chippewa Club and Championship Fund accounts makes playing for Championships possible. These areas are vital to the overall growth and continued success of our program.
In order for us to play for championships each year we must supplement our operating budget on a yearly basis. Your gift goes directly into our program and provides us the means to continually strive for excellence as we enhance the championship culture in our baseball program. 

We can only achieve our collective vision for excellence with your continued loyalty and trust. Thanks in advance for giving us the resources needed to be a champion. 

Steve Jaksa
Head Baseball Coach

 Completed Championship Fund Initiatives

  • New Batting cages
  • Keilitz clubhouse improvements - flooring, cabinets, trophy display cases, electronic upgrades for the players to view game video.
  • Addition of fully enclosed practice field
  • Several aesthetic upgrades to Theunissen Stadium
  • Continuous technology upgrades - (1) TV
  • 1/3 outfield wall padding

Current Championship Fund Initiatives

Outfield Wall Padding

To ensure the safety of players during practice and competition at Theunissen Stadium, the installation of protective wall padding along the outfield is a top priority. This additional padding will also add to the aesthetic appeal of the stadium. This doubles as a safety feature and can be added incrementally, so we've included a "per pad" cost.

Cost per Pad: $500

Technology Upgrades

An enhancement of our video equipment will allow our players to improve themselves on all levels. Currently our program has the needed software but is lacking quality cameras and proper equipment. We would also like to upgrade to flat screen televisions in our meeting room to ensure our players have top notch equipment for watching film in an effort to improve one self.

This is an invaluable tool not only for current players, but also potential recruits of the program, showing our commitment to a championship culture.

Through previous gifts we are within $5,300 of our goal. Please help us now for this enhancement.

One-Time Total Cost: $9,200
-Laptop computer - $1,400
-(4) Cameras - $1,500 each
-(3) 40" Flat Screen TVs - $600 each

 VIP Reception/Special Events Area

We see a great opportunity with the addition of a special events area.  The vision is to create a space alongside the left field line bullpens and build a deck for a private reception area. The goal is to fully equip the deck with a reception area for special guests, including a canopy and satellite television. The reception areas would typically be used for business, birthdays, company after hours, or other groups that will enjoy the atmosphere of a Division I baseball game. 

One-Time Cost: $12,500