Additional Details

Championship Fund gifts can be added to Chippewa Club membership donations to upgrade your club membership level. Chippewa Champions must be members of the Chippewa Club to receive benefits.

Donors will receive university receipts for their gift(s).
Pledges can be made for multiple years.

How You Can Help

  • Make an online gift
  • Send a check payable to CMU Field Hockey to:

Chippewa Athletic Fund
Carlin Alumni House
Central Michigan University
Mount Pleasant, MI 48859

For More Information

Brian Brunner, CAF field hockey contact:
(989) 774-6680
Cristy Freese, head field hockey coach:
(989) 774-6672

E-mail us to request additional information about this Championship Fund.



Field Hockey Championship Fund


The success of our field hockey program is directly attributed to the support of our Chippewa Club members. Your continual support through the Chippewa Club has allowed our field hockey program to strive for championship success. The Championship Fund will build on this support to further enhance our program through specific objectives. 

The funding of these championship goals will enable our staff to recruit elite players to continue the growth of Chippewa field hockey. Whether it is funding an assistant coaching position or enhancing our current facilities, these funds will enable us to recruit the best so that we may become the best. It is essential that our program continues to evolve as the competitive landscape of Division I athletics continues to grow. Our coaching staff and players are committed to representing Central Michigan in a first class manner and developing a championship program. 

Please take a moment to review our championship goals and consider contributing to our Championship Culture. I appreciate your support and look forward to bringing you another exciting season of Chippewa field hockey. 

Cristy Freese
Head Field Hockey Coach


Completed Championship Fund Initiatives

• New wood lockers and graphic enhancements
• New seating and spectator enhancements to the CMU Field Hockey Complex
• New recruiting software 


Current Championship Fund Initiatives

Technology Upgrades

Whether it is evaluating an upcoming opponent or a future Chippewa, there is no question that having the latest technology allows us to develop an advantage over our competition. New recruiting software has enabled us to target prospects and develop more refined recruiting plans. However, there is an annual cost of about $2,000 that coincides with this program. In addition, our coaching staff is in need of new laptop computers. We hope to replace one computer every year.

Annual Cost: $10,000


Continuous Locker Room Improvements 

The field hockey locker room is more than just a space for our players to hang their uniforms. It is a place to socialize with teammates, study upcoming opponents and unwind after a hard day on the field or in class.

The locker room is a sanctuary for our team and you have a chance to contribute make it even better through your gift to our championship fund.

Obviously, the most essential components of the locker room are the lockers themselves. As we continue to grow our team and recruit young women who will represent the Chippewas proudly on campus and in the community, we also need to accommodate such growth. We are in the process of adding four lockers to our locker room. A donation of $500 gives exclusive naming rights to a locker. Since it is a $500 gift, this donor would also become part of the Field Hockey Champions program!

Acknowledging our proud history and increasing the aesthetic appeal of our space is important not only for current players but for recruiting future Chippewas. Artwork and displays honoring our proud history connects us with that success and allows future Chippewas to project themselves as part of our Championship Culture.

Lockers: $2000

Aesthetic Improvements: $5,000