Courtesy: Tim Fitzgerald/CMU Athletics
2012 Student Ticket Information

CMU students must be present at one of two events to receive their free ticket for the Michigan State game:

- MAINstage: Sunday, Aug. 26
Thursday, Aug. 30


To obtain a student ticket for the September 8 Clash at Kelly/Shorts, follow these three steps:

1) Be one of the first 6,000 students in the ticket line at MAINstage or one of the first 4,000 at the first football game.

2) Bring a valid CMU student ID so the ticket can be uploaded to your account.

3) Bring the same ID to the Kelly/Shorts Stadium gate on September 8.



Q. Does this policy apply to all seven home games?
A. The preloaded ticket procedure applies only to the Michigan State game. However, entry to all other games will be by scanning a valid CMU student ID card at the gate. Scanners will only admit current CMU students with a valid ID.

Q. Who developed this policy?
A. This ticket distribution policy for the MSU game was developed by a committee of student leaders that included:

Vince Cavataio, 2011-12 SGA President
Kelly Wright, 2011-12 SGA Executive Secretary
Alexandria Kennedy, Panhellenic Council
Courtney Hunter, Panhellenic Council
Mark Perez, MAC Scholar
Kyle Norman, 2011-12 RHA President
Anna Dvorak, CMU Student
Darryl Maxwell, CMU Student

Q. What if I lose my ID card after I have the ticket uploaded?
A. Simply go to the ID Card Office to obtain a new card. Your ticket will still be on your account. It is a non-transferable ticket and will not work if someone finds your old card.

Q. Without a paper ticket, how will I be sure I actually have a ticket?
A. You will receive an email confirmation when the ticket has been uploaded onto your account.

Q. What if I do not have my ID Card on September 8?
A. No ID Card to scan means no entry on September 8. Same rule applies to the rest of the season.

Q. How many students will be in Kelly/Shorts Stadium on that day?
A. Additional seating has been brought in to expand the student section to a capacity of 10,000. The University has prioritized CMU students for this game. They will make up nearly one-third of the stadium.

Q. What if no tickets remain after MAINstage?
A. Four thousand tickets will be reserved for students who cannot be at MAINstage but will be at the first home football game. You must be at one of these two events to obtain your ticket.