Courtesy: Tim Fitzgerald/CMU Athletics
2012 Football Ticket Purchasing Windows


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The ticket purchasing windows outlined below place a priority on season ticket sales and have been created to ensure that the loyalty of our donors and longtime season ticket holders is rewarded.

Feb. 1 - March 1   Renewal period for 2011 season ticket holders   Last year's season ticket holders can renew their season tickets for 2012 and make additional season ticket purchases at no limit. Chippewa Club priority seating sections will be based on 2012-13 membership level. Purchases will be processed as they are received but tickets will not be mailed until current membership is established at the corresponding level.
March 15 - April 27   New season ticket orders
  New customers may purchase season tickets during this window. Priority seating will be determined by customers’ 2012-13 Chippewa Club membership level which must be established before tickets are mailed.
March 15 - April 27
  Priority period for single-game Michigan State tickets
  Chippewa Club members and season ticket holders will have access to the only guaranteed single-game tickets for MSU. Orders must be placed with the Chippewa Athletic Fund office and current membership must be established at the time of purchase. [Detailed timeline]
May 9 - June 8
  Priority period for single-game tickets
  Single-game tickets for all games – including Michigan State – may be purchased by Chippewa Club members and season ticket holders. [Additional details]
June 1   Open period for single-game ticket sales   Sales begin for all 2012 home games except Michigan State.