The following list includes former Chippewas who played in at least one regular season game in the NFL.


    Curtis Adams  •  San Diego Chargers page
      Vince Agnew  •  Dallas Cowboys page
    Walter Beach  •  Boston Patriots, Cleveland Browns page
    Nick Bellore  •  New York Jets page
    Ray Bentley  •  Buffalo Bills, Cincinnati Bengals page
    Novo Bojovic  •  St. Louis Cardinals page
    Jim Bowman  •  New England Patriots page

    Antonio Brown  •  Pittsburgh Steelers page
    James Caper  •  Cleveland Browns * page
    Tony Elliott  •  Green Bay Packers * page
    Mike Franckowiak  •  Denver Broncos, Buffalo Bills page
    Eric Ghiaciuc  •  Cincinnati Bengals, Kansas City Chiefs, San Diego Chargers, Cleveland Browns, New England Patriots, Miami Dolphins page
    Brett Hartmann  •  Houston Texans page
    Josh Gordy  •  Green Bay Packers, St. Louis Rams, Indianapolis, Colts page
    Brock Gutierrez  •  Cincinnati Bengals, San Francisco 49ers, Detroit Lions page
    Gary Hogeboom  •  Dallas Cowboys, Indianapolis Colts, Phoenix Cardinals, Washington Redskins page
    Tory Humphrey  •  Green Bay Packers, New Orleans Saints page
    Robert Jackson  •  Cincinnati Bengals page
    Cullen Jenkins  •  Green Bay Packers, Philadelphia Eagles page
    Brian Leigeb  •  Indianapolis Colts page
    Jim Podoley  •  Washington Redskins page
    Scott Rehberg  •  New England Patriots, Cleveland Browns, Cincinnati Bengals page
    Joe Staley  •  San Francisco 49ers page
    Frank Zombo  •  Green Bay Packers page


* Both Caper and Elliott were replacement players during the 1987 NFL players' strike. The games in which Caper and Elliott played counted in the final 1987 regular season standings and are recognized as official NFL regular season games.