November 17, 2012
Kelly/Shorts Stadium
Mount Pleasant, Mich.


Head Coach Dan Enos

Opening Statement
"First off, we just want to say how happy we are for our seniors; they were able to win their last home game. It was something that we talked about all week. We started talking about it last Sunday when we came in here and how special we wanted to make it for them and how we wanted to make sure their last time on that field was a very good memory for them. I thought we got some outstanding play from a lot of different players today and a lot of them were seniors, so we are very happy about that. I thought our defense played well, very opportunistic, got pressure on the quarterback, and got some turnovers against a very good team. I talked about it all week of what I thought of Zac Dysert. I have a tremendous amount of respect for him as a person and as a player, and I knew it would be a tough deal to try and slow him down because he is very talented. I thought for the most part our defense played very well and that, offensively, we were a little bit inconsistent but when we needed a play we did and we ran the ball when we needed to. Our guys played physical and our quarterback probably didn't play as well today as he has for the past four or five weeks. With that being said, for us to be able to win the game means a lot. We are growing, that our quarterback doesn't have to go our there and throw for 300 yards and 4 touchdowns for us to win. We can run the football when maybe he is not playing as well as he has and let him throw his way around for a little bit. Then he picked it up and made some throws for us and, at the end of the day, we got a 'W', so we are happy." 

Q: On pressuring Miami quarterback Zac Dysert...
"He's played a ton of football and been hit a lot in his career. I've been very impressed with his toughness. He gets hit a lot and he stays in there. I don't think you can rattle that guy. I know what we did do was get him off schedule with some of the pressure. When the team throws the ball that much and that well, that is what you have to do."

Q: On the importance on continuing to win in working towards a bowl game...
"It really shows the resiliency of our team, and these seniors in particular. I've said all along that would listen that I love this team and we love coaching them. They work hard and do things right. They haven't wavered one day. I'm very proud and we have some unfinished business with one left, but all we can control is to make sure we prepare this week and play very well versus UMass on Friday."

Q: On his offense responding with a touchdown after Miami pulled within 21-16...
"Huge. That was huge. We did it last week too. Today when they cut it to 21-16, I think that was a key point in the game in our offense going down and scoring. A true freshman Saylor Lavalli got his most touches today and I think everyone can see how special that guy is going to be when its all said and done. He and Zurlon really complimented each other very well today."

Q: On his defense's stops in the red zone...
"It was one of the keys of the game. Miami wasn't quite as productive in the red zone as they would have liked to be. That's the thing about defense, you can give up lots of yards but if you can hold teams to field goals down in the red zone usually good things end up happening for you."

Q: On Connor Odykirk and Saylor Lavallii scoring their first career touchdowns...
"Offensively, we always tell you we have guys we want to get the ball too. But at the end of the day, the way the offense works, it could be anyone on any given day. That is why you recruit is to have guys step up and be ready to go. We feel really, really good about our young players and we have no problem putting them in there and letting them make big plays."

Q: On the play of Miami wide receiver Nick Harwell...
"He's a great player. We knew going in that Dysert and Harwell are great players. He has been a great player for three years now. They do a good job of moving him around and getting him in space."

Q: On the effectiveness of the running game...
"The big difference in the game in my eyes is that they had 36 rushes for 74 yards and we had 36 rushes for 184 yards. At the end of the day that is probably why we won is because we were able to run the ball in the red zone."

Q: On next Friday's game at UMAss...
"We have one game left that we are guaranteed. We aren't guaranteed anything. We can only control one thing and that is winning this week. Believe me, our team won't overlook anybody. We are blue collar guys that are trying to scratch and claw and get a win anyway we can. We are going to come back in here tomorrow and work. We are going to be chomping at the bit to get back to work to be ready for next Friday."

99 Caesar Rodriguez, Sr., DE
Q: On the improvement of the defensive pass rush...

"During practice we have been emphasizing it a little bit more. We stopped the run very well today and we know if we can stop the run we need to sharpen the skills at our pass rushing game."

Q: On being named player of the game by the fans...
"I'm only the player of the game because of these guys. If its not for these guys, I don't make any of the plays. If our defensive backs don't cover long enough, I can't get to the quarterback so without them I'm nothing."

4 Jahleel Addae, Sr., S
Q: On the importance of winning the final home game and keeping bowl eligibility alive...

"The last game is special. I've had a lot of memories here the last five years and they are good memories I can walk away with and be proud of. One of our goals was to become bowl eligible and we are still in the hunt. We have to come out tomorrow and get back to work."

Q: On what he'll remember most about playing in Kelly/Shorts Stadium...
"Central Michigan is full of love. We have a great fan base and it's something special."

Q: On his seventh career interception...
"Their quarterback sprinted out and our defense got great pressure. Jarret (Chapman) had a great deflection and I tried to break it free but it was good to get just to get it out of our zone a little bit."

Head Coach Don Treadwell
Opening Statement
“This was a tough loss. We got a lot of guys seeing the field for the first time, so we just have to continue to stay positive and move forward. Central Michigan has a lot of good players on their team and I credit Coach Enos for how he has been able to progress with his team.”

Q: This had all the makings of a high-scoring game but just didn’t turn out that way. What did you see?
A: “A lot of missed opportunities. Central made plays when we didn’t. We knew Central was a balanced football team and early they did a good job but in games like this it’s just the little things that make the difference between winning and losing. I thought we had a couple good offensive drives during the game but we finished with field goals. You can’t expect to come from behind when you’re finishing good drives with field goals. At the end of the day, you have to continue to move forward and coach your players on what they are doing well.”

Q: What do you tell a team after a tough loss like this?

A: “Every loss is a tough loss. I don’t tell my guys anything different after losing games because at the end of the day a loss is a loss. We talk about the things that we can improve on and continue to move forward and push on.“

4 Zac Dysert, Sr., QB
Q: Speak about your feelings after such a tough loss.
A: “I thought we could have came out and played a lot sharper today. Central is a good team. They outplayed us. They made plays when they needed to and we didn’t. This loss hurt because it was our last hope for a bowl game opportunity but, as a senior, I just have to focus on the last game.”