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Central Michigan vs. Western Kentucky: Postgame Quotes
Wednesday, December 26
Kelly/Shorts Stadium
Mount Pleasant, Mich.


Head Coach Dan Enos

Opening Statement
"I want to say congratulations to Western Kentucky University for a great game. This is a very difficult time for their (WKU) coaching staff and I really respect the job they did. They did a tremendous job getting their players ready to play. And I want to say congratulations to our team. I’m so proud of our players and our coaches. We beat a very good team. We prepared for all of the bowl practices. We were business-like and handled this trip very, very well. I appreciate the fans coming out in this weather. They created an awesome environment. I want to say thank you to Little Caesars and I want to thank Ken Hoffman and all of his staff for a great week and a tremendous bowl experience. Our team played a great game in al three phases, offense, defense and special teams. I am extremely proud of our seniors. We challenged our seniors at the end of last season. They set the tone for the season with our offseason conditioning program and spring practicing."

Interim Head Coach Lance Guidry

Opening Statement
"I’m so proud of these guys. We went through a lot of turmoil with coach Taggart leaving and the quick hiring of coach Petrino. We had some practices for two to three week; its been shaky, but mostly good ones. I was proud of the way we played today. First half was a little sluggish I thought; defensively they ran the ball through us and was able to get a few big plays. Offensively, we didn’t move the ball and didn’t have enough possessions. First half wasn’t really good, but the second half we picked it up on defense. Offense had the ball most of the third quarter. We left some plays out there on the field. A couple interceptions, a couple big plays in the passing games and sometimes that’s the way the cookie crumbles

On the decision to go for it on fourth down
"That was all the players’ decision. We were going to kick the field goal. We had the unit in the huddle and Big Country (Adam Smith) said: ‘Coach Guidry we said we were going to let it all loose’. I said you’re right. Everyone wanted to go for it; I called over the defense, they wanted to go for it. So the players kind of made the decision to made it for me. I put it in their hands and that’s the way they wanted and that’s how we’re going out."

Running back Antonio Andrews
On just missing the NCAA single-season all-purpose yards record
"I wasn’t really thinking about the record; just my teammates and I threw it to Jack Doyle, no better player to throw it to. I’m proud to be the all-time (at the school), but other guys can push to break it."