Central Michigan Postmatch Quotes

Central Michigan Postmatch Quotes

Head Coach Tom Borrelli

Opening statement:
I think it was a really competitive dual meet. The first three weight classes we won close matches, and if any of those three weight classes go the other way we don't win the dual meet. It was nice to get a win. Any time we can win right now, and not just from a team standpoint, but any time we're competing well as individuals is really important this time of year.

On moving Chad Friend up to 197 pounds:
We noticed Chad having a hard time competing with the same intensity he was practicing with. I think making the weight was taking a lot out of him, so we made the decision to make the switch. We wanted to make the switch earlier in the year, but because of NCAA weight-loss restrictions we had to work Craig (Kelliher) down slowly. He's been wrestling at 197 but he's been weighing in at 192, 189, 187, and this was the first weekend he could go at 184.

On the importance of Ben Bennett's win at 174 pounds:
We expect a lot out of Ben. He's one of the leaders in our program. There is a lot of pressure on you when you go out there and three guys in a row have lost. You see the dual meet slipping away and you have to break that momentum. Then, when you see that the team needs you to get bonus points, there is a lot of pressure on you in that way too. I think he responded to that well. He's been in those situations a little bit in the past and hasn't responded to them as well, so that was a big moment for him.

On Chad Friend's performance in his debut at 197 pounds:
Chad's been improving all year long. I think having Coach Dwyer here is helping our upper weights. I think 184 was a tough weight for him to make, and he's been wrestling highly ranked individuals all year long. His record is not really indicative of how good of a wrestler he is, and I think he proved it a little bit today. I expect him to continue to improve, and even though we still have some time left this year he's got another year next year too. I think we finally have him at the right weight class and he's starting to wrestle well.

Junior 197-pounder Chad Friend

On his win in his debut at 197 pounds:
I bumped up a weight class, and since I moved up I've got a lot more energy out there. I feel a lot stronger and I feel like I'm able to create a lot more offense from having that energy. The match went well and I felt good out there.

On the importance of Sunday's win:
Before the match I noticed that the score was pretty close. I used it to motivate me a little more to go out there and make sure I got the win.

On the crowd's energy during his match:
I heard everybody start cheering and it gave me a little boost of energy and made me feel good.