Academic Services Championship Fund

The support of Athletic Academic Services is integral to the success of all aspects of Central Michigan Athletics.  A major point of pride for Chippewa Athletics is the continued academic success of the CMU student-athletes—success that is fostered by CMU’s Athletic Academic Services.  Athletic Academic Services is proud and excited to have the opportunity to develop continual support through our Championship Fund with the goal of ensuring continued academic success of CMU Student-Athletes. 



A major point of pride of Chippewa Athletics is the continued academic success of CMU student-athletes.  Success in today’s academic realm is no longer defined by the same standards that it was 20, 10 or even five years ago and much of this shift is due to advances in technology. Students not only are asked to use technology to aid their studies, but fully integrate it in their academic careers. We can help our student athletes at CMU continue to stay on the cutting edge of academic success by purchasing and updating current computers, printers, scanners and software.

Annual Cost:

Computer Lab Refurbishing

Our computer lab in the Dick Enberg Academic Center is one of the finest resources that our student-athletes have at their disposal. As a result of this, the computer lab sees heavy traffic year-in and year-out. It has come to the point now where we need a refurbishing of our lab beyond just the existing technology. Through various furniture upgrades and aesthetic improvements, we can make the computer lab a more inviting place and one that is conducive to helping our student-athletes achieve academic success.

One Time Cost: $7,000-$10,000


Academic Recognition/Environment

As our student-athletes continue to succeed in the classroom, it is important to honor those achievements and the academic support program that helped make it possible. Annually student-athletes are honored at the Academic Excellence Banquet.  Additionally, the purchase of photographs and artwork will make the Dick Enberg Academic Center an attractive, motivating place for our student-athletes to accomplish academic goals. This aesthetic enhancement will also aid recruiting by showcasing our student-athletes, CMU Athletics and the University.

With your support, we can recognize and honor our outstanding student-athletes and display the support that CMU Athletics provides for the academic success of our student-athletes with a fully-funded event.

One Time Cost: $2,000 (Aesthetic Improvements)
Annual Cost: $6,000 (Academic Excellence Banquet)

Professional Development/Leadership

To better serve our student-athletes, it is crucial that the Academic Advising Staff enhances their skills by attending professional development seminars and conferences (N4A and NCAA).  This will allow our staff to enhance their knowledge, improve networking skills and ensure that CMU advisers are in tune with current issues, practices and methods to better serve our student-athletes.  This funding will also allow for Student-Athlete Advisory Committee members to participate in student-athlete leadership seminars and further enhance their overall student-athlete experience.

Annual Cost: $5,000


More Championship Fund Details

Championship gifts can be added to Chippewa Club membership donations to upgrade your club membership level.  If you are not a Chippewa Club member you must become a member to receive benefits.  Click here to view the various benefits and membership levels.  Just giving to the Championship Fund will not qualify you for Chippewa Club benefits unless you have become a Chippewa Club member first.

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