All-American ($2,500-$4,999)


Curtis E.* and Margaret A. Nash
Joseph and Barbara Barberi
Jim and Owen Batcheller
Mark and Linda Beard
Mike Bevier
Mark Bolle
Sue and John J. Bradac
Tim and Elizabeth Brockman
Nancy J. Clark
Matt Coffey
Commercial Bank
James and Diane Damitio
Keno and Krista Davis
The Delfield Company
Bob DeMarco
Herb and Marilyn Deromedi
Rick and Paula Erskin
Richard and Audrey Featheringham
Alice Goenner
Joanne Golden
Mark and Connie Greenwald
Sue Guevara
Dave and Elizabeth Heeke
Stephen Hoedt
David and Marilyn Hole
Shaun and Elizabeth Holtgreive
Dennie Howe
Karen Hutslar
Isabella Bank
Douglas and Pamela Janes
Ed and Edythe Johnson
Bill and Judy Johnson
Margo Jonker
William and Carla Kanine
Roger L. and Phyllis J. Kesseler
Ginger Kjolhede
LaBelle Management
Ed and Kathy Langenburg
George and Susan Loesel
Kevin Love
Keith and Christine MacDonald
Charles and Mary Sue Markey
Steve and Deborah Martineau
Rick and Julie McGuirk
Pat and Nancy McGuirk, Jr.
Paul B. Murray
Muskegon Development Company
Randall and Myra Norton
John F. O'Connell
Stan L. and Rene R. Shingles
Grant Skomski and Mary Jane Flanagan
W. Sidney and Judith French Smith
Dr. Chad Stefaniak
William and Janet Strickler
Student Book Exchange, John Belco
Bill and Dottie Theunissen
Clarence and Mary Ann Tuma
Bob Tunnell
Jack and Sally Weisenburger
Marcy Weston
Mary Lu and John Yardley
Richard and Audrey Zavodsky