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Championship Fund gifts can be added to Chippewa Club membership donations to upgrade your club membership level. Chippewa Champions must be members of the Chippewa Club to receive benefits.

Donors will receive university receipts for their gift(s).
Pledges can be made for multiple years.

How You Can Help

Chippewa Athletic Fund
Carlin Alumni House
Central Michigan University
Mount Pleasant, MI 48859

For More Information

Brian Brunner, CAF men's basketball contact:
(989) 774-1219

E-mail us to request additional information about this Championship Fund.


Men's Basketball Championship Fund

Your support of our men’s basketball program through the Chippewa Club and specifically our men’s basketball championship fund is vital to the success of our Central Michigan University men’s basketball program.

Your Chippewa Club support directly affects our operating budgets which will aid in providing the resources necessary to successfully compete against the rest of the Mid-American Conference. The objectives outlined below are specific to our championship fund needs and if fulfilled will aid in our quest of MAC Championship Titles.

Thank you for believing in our program!


Completed Championship Fund Initiatives


  • Residence Halls - placement of all on campus players in the new Fabiano Hall
  • Office improvements - Advancements and Décor for offices/lobby area to include new televisions and computers.
  • Coaches and staff retreat and clinic
  • Chippewa Basketball Historical Display SAC Entrance - collage of some of the best players in program history
  • DVD video upgrade
  • Locker room improvements - Advancements and décor forlocker room areato include new television, stereo, furniture, photos, frames, flying "C" logo, etc.


Current Championship Fund Initiatives


CMU Basketball Tournament (November 2013)

Our program is always striving to create positive and unique opportunities for our student athletes. A favorable basketball schedule always features an abundance of home games, and a home tournament will allow your Chippewas to benefit from this competitive advantage. By bringing teams to our tournament from around the country, we aim to build our fan base and escalate interest in CMU Basketball. Once established, a basketball tournament will be a source of revenue for our program and the surrounding community. As the best friends of CMU Basketball, Chippewa Champions would receive exclusive access to this annual event.

Fundraising goal = $50,000

Locker Room

It is important to present a first class image to any recruit who passes through the Men's Basketball program, as well as for our current players. We aim to upgrade our locker rooms to make them the best in the MAC. This initiative will include upgrades to our furniture, and the addition of an entertainment system. We also hope to construct a player lounge to provide our athletes with a place to unwind after a hard day on the court or in the classroom.

Fundraising goal = $10,000

Video Equipment

Sound preparation is what makes a team successful on the court. New state of the art video equipment will allow our staff to develop more in-depth game plans tailored specifically to each opponent. Our athletes will also use the equipment to analyze their own performance and make the changes necessary to take their talents to the next level. By providing our coaches and players with this technology, you will help ensure that our team is making maximum strides in their off-court development.

Fundraising goal = $7,500