Members as of October 15, 2013:

Tera Lynne Albrecht
Paul and Maryanke Alexander
All American Enterprises, Inc.
Todd Allam
Dick and Jean Allen
William and Johanna Allen
Kurt and Kim Anderson
Matt and Christa Anderson
Mr. Dennis Tierney
Chris and Stacey Austin
Bill and Shirley Bailey
Carl* Alison Barberi
Joseph and Barbara Barberi
Jeff and Teri Barker
Craig Barnhart
Jim and Owen Batcheller
Dan and Candice Bazuin*
Mark and Linda Beard
Mike and Lisa Beasley
Nick Bellore*
Dr. Jeff Bender*
Mike Bevier*
The Bird Bar and Grill
Mark Bolle
Valerie and J.J. Bradac
Ron and Mary Browning
Janice and Mick Brzezinski*
Mike and Mindy Buell
David and Carol Burdette
Charles and Diane Burns
Al and Pat Cambridge
Scott and Krystal Campbell
Joseph Chamberlain
Mark and Tanya Chamberlain
Mike and Kelly Chamberlain
Don and Kim Chiodo, Edward Jones Investments
Alan Christensen
Matt Coffey*
Gary and Cathy Collins
Fred and Joyce Cook
David and Linda Coyne
Mike Crapo
Thomas and Diane Craven
Mark and Denese Crouch
Timothy and Melissa Crowley*
John and Diane Cully*
Jeff Baker - Custom Picture Framing
James and Diane Damitio
Dean Darby*
Chad and Molly Darnell*
Barry & Debra DeLau
Bob DeMarco*
Herb and Marilyn Deromedi*
Drew and Morgan Donaldson*
Terry Dunn
Drs. Ireta and Merlin Ekstrom
Dan and Jane Enos*
James and Kelly Fabiano
Anthony and Debra Falsetta*
Thomas and Diane Falsetta
Richard and Audrey Featheringham
Federal Oil Company, Ed Ososki
Patrick and Laura Fenton
Dave and Kathy Ferguson
Eduardo Fernandez
Richard and Betty Figg, Riverwood Golf Club*
Paul and Jodi Fisher
Richard and Diane Fleming
Mike and Gay Franckowiak*
Michael A. Gealt and Mary Janet McNamara
Howard and Joan Geerlings
Chris 'Gilly' Gilstad
Jeff and Pam Godley
Alice Goenner
Donald Golm
Josh Gordy*
Graff Chevrolet
Dr. Deborah Gray
Terry and Dana Grimes
Dale and Jan Hagland
Don and Mary Harter
Bob Heller
Vern and Rose Hoag
Stephen Hoedt
John and Becky Hogan
Shaun and Elizabeth Holtgreive
Sean and Angie Howard
Dennie Howe
Dave and Cheryl Hunter
John and Danae Hunter
Tom and Kristina Hutchinson
Karen Hutslar
Douglas and Pamela Janes
Bill and Judy Johnson
Edward and Claudia Joslin
William and Carla Kanine
Eric and Maureen Karbowski*
Roger L. and Phyllis J. Kesseler
Adam and Allison Kieft*
John and Tisha King*
Paul and Karen Kinville
Jim and Sherry Knight
Jon and Jessica Koster
Ira and Anne Kreft
David and Debbie Kring
John G. and Carole Kulhavi
Michael Kyler*
Ed and Kathy Langenburg
Thomas Lapka
Katie LaVallii
Mary and Todd Levitt
Pete and Mary Losiniecki
Denise Love
Kevin Love
Kirk Love
Dr. Lauchlin W.S. MacGregor, ND
Charles and Mary Sue Markey*
Maui Jim
Ken and Kathy McCarter*
David and Laura McGuire
Rick and Julie McGuirk
Robert McIntosh*
Michael and Bonnie Metro
Michael and Laurie Morris
Michael Murray and Pamela Wasko Murray
Bill and Pamela Myler, Jr.
Michael and Tara Nettie*
Jack and Cora Neyer
Randall and Myra Norton
John F. O'Connell
Dan and Lora Odykirk*
Bill and Wanda Odykirk*
Ron and Theresa Osborne
Chris and Stephanie Parmele*
Michael and Kathy Poff*
Pohl Oil & Propane/Dan and Luke Pohl
Plas and Sue Presnell*
Dustin and Kelly Preston*
Scott and Collette Pries
Alan Quick
John and Lori Rathje*
Paul and Barbara Richards
Tad and Laura Richards
George and Elizabeth Ross
Robert and Betty Jo Rulong
Matthew and Frances Rush
Richard and Kristin Sands
Dan and Rebecca Savu*
James and Marcia Schulte*
Mr. Gary Seiter - Seiter Electric Inc.
Chuck and Karilyn Selinger*
T. R. and Kathy Shaw
Stan L. and Rene R. Shingles
Grant Skomski and Mary Jane Flanagan
Glenn Smith
Michael and Carrie Smith
W. Sidney and Judith French Smith
Richard Smith
Paul and Sandy Smuts*
Greg and Maureen Starry
Robert B. Stebbins*
Chad and Andrea Stefaniak
Mark and Cheryl Strandskov
Sam and Trudy Staples
William and Janet Strickler
Robert and Nancy Stuart
Chris Studenka
Student Book Exchange, John Belco
Mike and Elizabeth Tierney
Erik and Michelle Timpf*
Clarence and Mary Ann Tuma*
Derek and Amy van der Merwe*
Charles Walmsley and Melinda Prout
Barry Waters
Richard and Kay Waters
Tom and Sharon Weirich
David and Mary Weisenburger*
Bob and Maurine Weisenburger
Jack and Sally Weisenburger
Curt and Pat White
Lynn White
Kathleen Wilbur
Barrie and Sharon Wilkes
John and Karen Williamson
Jim and Shelly Wilson
Jim and Carol Wojcik
Jim and Jackie Wyatt*
Mary Lu and John Yardley
Al and Jacqueline Zainea
Pleasant Optics - Dr. Jacob Zainea
Richard and Audrey Zavodsky
Michael and Lori Zimmerman
Ron and Jean Zyzelewski

*Former football player or coach