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Compliance: CMU Student-Athletes
Essential Information and Helpful Links
Student-Athlete Handbook - All essential policies and procedures that are key to your success as a student-athlete at CMU are located here.
Academic Eligibility – You are required to maintain minimum academic requirements throughout your enrollment in order to be eligible to represent CMU in competition. Here is a simple breakdown!
Outside Competition – If you want to compete while not representing CMU, you must understand these regulations in order to protect your eligibility. The ability for you to participate in competition outside of CMU during the academic year is very rare!
Employment – Thinking about working on or off campus this year? Make sure you check out this page first!
Amateurism/Promotional Activities – This is the defining standard of what NCAA student-athletes are: amateurs.
Gambling – The NCAA has established strict guidelines and sanctions concerning student-athlete involvement in gambling activities. Bottom line = DO NOT GAMBLE!
Extra Benefits - If a benefit is not available to the general student body or a student group (e.g., minority international students, sorority, student organizations), it is not permissible for you (or your family/friends) to receive.
Forms - All compliance forms you need can be found here
Financial Aid

Outside Competition