Postgame Quotes
Central Michigan 82, Bowling Green 79 (OT)
January 18, 2014
Head Coach Sue Guevara
Opening Statement
“Well you know after that first half I thought you can’t win a game in the first half but you can surely lose it and I thought we were just turning the ball over too much and trying to make something happen that wasn’t there and I thought in the second half,  you know we chewed a little at half about turnovers, we had 14 turnovers in the first half and we ended with 18.  I thought we did a better job of passing the basketball. Our defense really spurred our offense and we were able to get layups inside. I thought the game of Jewel Cotton, Da’Jourie Turner and Taylor was huge for us. it was really good that I could go eight deep against a really good Bowling Green team.”

On being a second-half team this season
“So far we have been, and I’ve been searching for the answers as to why. I’ve changed up our warm-up, how I warm them up. You know we just are (a second half team) and its like I said, maybe I just need to chew, chew, chew, to start the same instead of going in at halftime.  They responded, but I don’t know I’ll prepare a halftime talk for them before the game.”

On the play of senior Taylor Johnson
“I’m going to tell you something. I’m so happy Taylor got her 1,000th point today so that she can just play. I thought she was really pressing prior to this game but I watched her in warm ups and her three-ball was going from the top where she really likes to shoot it. When she got in, we already had our three penetrations and she was open from the top and it went in and I said ‘thank you god,’ that was her fifth point she had 1,000, and now she can just play. But I think she did a good job for us today even rebounding the ball and bodying up against Alexis Rodgers.”

Junior Jessica Green
On the play of Bowling Green
“Bowling Green is a great team and I’m sure we will see them again.”

On her improved mid-range shooting
“I’ve been working more on shooting off the backboard. Coach G stresses it enough that I use the backboard. I didn’t like it at first because I feel like it makes me adjust my shot but it’s working for me so I’ll continue to go with what’s working so I ended up having a good game and helping my team win.”
Senior Taylor Johnson
On her key three-pointers later in the second half
“What people know about me when you run a scout is I take the ball have trail a three, that’s one aspect about my game that other players don’t pick out. I was open and I was there and got the assist and, at that point we needed the score we needed the points. We didn’t need to stop and slow down we needed the points at that time. The first thing in my mind I had to shoot, we have to get points and get back in this game.”

On scoring her 1,000th career point
“It feels really good. But I would take this win over 1,000 (points).  I mean it’s a great milestone to have but going into overtime with Bowling Green and beating them. We did that and we lost last time we went into overtime with Bowling Green at McGuirk and we lost so to comeback and win is a great feeling to me.”

On Central Michigan's fans and playing for the community
“The thing about our fans is we have great fans. I love them and it builds us up when we’re in a game when we hear them cheering and we hear the roar on that floor especially for me I get hype and I get so excited and I would love to see that hypeness and our fans to travel with us. I’d like to see them with us at other schools and other games especially when we go to the MAC. It would be great and it would help us out a lot, I mean we have a great home crowd but if we could get that home crowd to travel with us that would be awesome.”