Student-Athletic Services offers a free, comprehensive tutorial program for CMU student-athletes in the Enberg Academic Center of the Indoor Athletic Complex. Student-Athletic Services employs undergraduate and graduate student tutors to provide assistance in a wide variety of academic subject areas.  All tutors receive training to enhance their instructional abilities, knowledge of NCAA, Athletics Department and Student-Athlete Services rules and regulations, and explore other aspects in order to offer excellent tutoring supports for our student-athletes.


One-On-One and Group Tutoring:

One-on-one tutoring occurs between one assigned tutor and a student-athlete.  When possible, group tutoring sessions are offered to multiple student-athletes taking the same course.

Student-athletes are responsible for requesting a tutor online via the GradesFirst website. On GradesFirst, individuals select the class needing a tutor and click on “Request Tutor Appointment.” Student-athletes fill in the appropriate details on the request form. Once the Tutor Request form is submitted, student-athletes will receive an email regarding their assigned tutor. Student-athletes are responsible for checking their email to confirm that their tutor request or appointment has been verified.

Student-athletes are expected to be ON-TIME to their tutoring session. Student-athletes must provide at least four hours of notice when canceling a tutor appointment.  Tutors should be notified through GradesFirst.  Subsequent appointments may be pre-arranged or established on an as needed basis.

Writing Assistance:
Writing assistance is available in the Enberg Academic Center.  It is designed to assist student-athletes in any course, excluding those enrolled in an English course with a writing lab component. Student-athletes enrolled in a writing lab course are required to utilize the CMU Writing Center services (see below) as part of their course requirements.

Walk-in tutoring is set up to accommodate one student-athlete or a small group of student-athletes.  Walk-in times will be posted on Blackboard under Varsity Athletics and will vary each semester.  A student-athlete may call 989-774-2052 or 989-774-1343 or email up to a day in advance to reserve an appointment.  After emailing their appointment request, student-athletes will receive an email confirming the acceptance of their request and informing them of their appointment day and time.

Peer Study Sessions:
Peer study sessions will be held for all student-athletes enrolled in certain courses. Student-athletes will be notified by email when these specific study sessions become available. Information will also be posted in the Enberg Academic Center and on the Varsity Athletic announcements in Blackboard regarding study session dates and times.  Students may also contact our staff to request a peer study group.

Additional On-Campus Tutoring

·       Academic Assistance – CMU tutoring and academic support information

·       Writing Center

·       Math Assistance Center

·       Student Disability Services

·       Success Coaches

·       English Language Institute

For more information or to become a tutor, contact or fill out the questionnaire here.