Courtesy: Tim Fitzgerald/CMU Athletics
2012 Gameday Central: Parking and Traffic Routes

Parking for Clash at Kelly/Shorts:
Parking for the September 8 game versus Michigan State will be at an all-time premium. Parking has been expanded to accommodate the expected crowds, but fans are encouraged to pre-purchase  parking passes early to guarantee their reserved spots (details below).

Traffic Exit Strategy for Clash at Kelly/Shorts:
A postgame traffic exit strategy for September 8 has been developed by law enforcement officials and the Department of Transportation, in cooperation with CMU. The strategy is designed to provide the safest, most efficient environment including for pedestrian and vehicle traffic.

Traffic from each parking lot will be dispersed from the stadium on a mandated route just outside of town. Please review the detailed directions and maps before pre-purchasing a parking pass in order to select the easiest route in and out of town.

Fans remaining at the stadium for postgame activities will experience the quickest exit.

Parking Prices
Season Parking Pass (7 games)
Order by calling
Ticket Central
Gameday Parking Pass
(MSU, WMU, Navy)
(all remaining games)
Pre-purchased Single-Game Pass
RV Parking Pass
(see overnight parking policy below)
(single game)


Chippewa Club and Season Ticket Holder Parking:
Chippewa Club members and season ticket holders have access to the best parking. Parking areas are expanded for the 2012 season. Lot 62E, in its entirety, is reserved for Chippewa Club members and Lot 63W is a Chippewa Club/season ticket holder lot.

As a benefit, Chippewa Club members who held season tickets in 2011 have guaranteed parking assignments based on last season's order. Additional or new parking purchases are applied based on membership and availability. If space does not exist in the lot corresponding to a donor's membership level, he/she is assigned to the next best available lot.

Chippewa Club Parking Hierarchy:
Lot 64 > Lot 62W > Lot 62E > Lot 63W

Season ticket holders who are not Chippewa Club members may purchase a parking pass in Lot 63W. In the event this lot reaches capacity, parking assignments will be made for Lot 73.


RV Parking:
A limited number of RV parking passes are available for purchase in select parking lots. Quantities are limited. Overnight RV parking is permitted before afternoon games and after night games.

Shuttle Service:
A shuttle service is available for patrons needing assistance into the stadium. Patrons will be picked up from designated areas throughout the parking lots. For further assistance please call (989) 774-3045.

All drivers should be observant of instructions from police officers and parking personnel. Vehicles parked in fire lanes, at the end of aisles and in any other illegal location will be ticketed and/or towed.

Reserving Spaces:
Spaces are available on a first-come, first-served basis. Spaces may not be reserved for later-arriving vehicles unless authorized by the CMU Athletics Department.